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Where can I find Fernando Alonso F1 in history?


Fernando Alonso At the age of 37 and after 17 seasons he did not leave Formula 1. Two championships, along with the two championships of 2005 and 2006, undoubtedly had its best campaigns: first he won Kimi Raikkonen, McLaren and Michael Schumacher and Ferrari.

There is a lot of nostalgia for this retirement – he is the second-largest rider in the 312 prize – due to his long career, he also attended other drivers, including Hamilton, Vettel and Schumacher. ; His charisma and his expression made him a very pretty rider. And I mean the best time for a country in the Great Circus.

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Read some that Fernando Alonso is a legendary pilot. For Spain it is definitely certain. Compared to those of Alonso's history, the debate goes on. There are many sensations left by the drivers, their self-explanatory statements (it was more expensive than the car and the car was not worth it for him, Alonso), and that was worth it. that's it.

In order to promote debate, I do a statistical counting of Fernando Alonso. It's not the other Iberians, but the category has been the best in decades, that is: against the best number three statistics (statistical contrast of the three sources).



Alonso He has 2 and four double champions: Alberto Ascari, Jim Clark, Graham Hill and Mika Hakkinen -other attention

Michael Schumacher is far away from 7 world championships and between Juan Manuel Fangio and Lewis Hamilton 5. Next, Alain Prost and Sebastian Vettel (4) and then 5 champions (Jack Brabham, Jackie Stewart, Niki Lauda, ​​Nelson Piquet and Ayrton Senna) continue.

  • The youngest world champion: Vettel (2010); Hamilton and 3. Alonso
  • Two times World Champion: Vettel (2011) and Alonso
  • Three times junior champion: Vettel (2012)


Total: 1. Schumacher earned 29.64% of the races won by German in 91. Fangio, the master of percentages: 46.15% great.

Alonso With 32 victories in the 6th; It won 10.26%. Nigel Mansell, Clark's drivers are better (with very good percentages) Häkkinen, Nico Rosberg, Alan Jones, James Hunt and Damon Hill.

One year: 1. Schumacher (2004) and Vettel (2013) with 13. AlonsoIn 2005 and 2006 he won 7 (Raikkonen in 2005 and Schumi in 2006, he scored two points).

line: 1. With Vettel in 9 years in 2013. then the best race of Ascari, Schumi and Nico Rosberg 7. Alonso In 2006, 4 added to it.

More victories for season 1: Alonso could not win the Minardi victory, it's clear. This category catches my attention, as Hamilton and Jacques Villeneuve become the 4 best spots. That is, Hamilton achieved the same number of victories in his season (2007) Alonso, perhaps two times champion and his partner at McLaren annus horribilis Oviedon

The youngest winner: 1. Max Verstappen 18 years old; 2. With Vettel 21; 3 Alonso With 22

More seasons continued with a victory: 1. With Schumacher 15; 2. Hamilton 12 and 3. Prostekin 10; Alonso He won at least 1 consecutive 4 campaigns, like other drivers: Michele Alboreto, Jenson Button or Gerhard Berger.

Polish people

Total: 1. Hamilton (82); Alonso At the age of 22, two more than Damon Hill and two less than Nelson Piquet … and less Häkkinen (26). Alonso is 7.07% of percentage, 55.77% of Fangio or 45.21% of Clark, or Senna's 40.12%, Hamilton, Vettel and Häkkinen they have a better percentage Alonso There was no Saturday race.

line: Ayrton Kingdom – 1. Senna 8 only; 2. The Senate was bound by Prost, Hamilton and Schumacher 7; 3. Senate 6 Related to Laudas, Mansell, Häkkinen, Nico Rosberg and Hamilton.

Alonso 5 with Stirling Moss, Phil Hill, Mansell, Prost, J. Villeneuve, Häkkinen (again Mika), Juan Pablo Montoya and Vettel.

Younger Poleman: Vettel dethroned Alonso (This would be a number here).

More in year: Vettel, 15th 2011, is not able to stop the current Hamilton-Mercedes dynasty with Vettel-Red Bull.


Total: 1. With Schumacher 77. Alonso At the age of 23, less than the number obtained by Kimi Raikkonen (46), in this second section and much less than the obtained Häkkinen (25).

One year: 1. Raikkonen, 10, both in 2005 (the most trusted Renault in Alonson was running year after year) and repeated in 2008. With equal Schumi in 10 years in 2004.

In a campaign, Alonso He was five years old, when he won the Schumi title in 2006 and in 2010 he lost his last Vettel race (Alonso was three times the reigning champion, like Mansell and Vettel).

The youngest rider: 1. Max Verstappen, 19 years old. Alonso Four, behind … Esteban Gutiérrez?


More Hat-Tricks (victory, pulley and VR): 1. Schumacher 22; Alonso They are 5 people stays Häkkinen (again in Finnish) or Damon Hill; Vettel and Hamilton 7 and 14 respectively.

More Podiums: 1. Schumi (155); Alonso He has a 97th position, less than Raikkonen, Vettel, Hamilton and Prost.

One year podiums: 1. Schumacher, with 17 in 2002 (finished at the podium in races). German matches with Vettel and Hamilton; Alonso In 2005, he won 15 goals in the season, as I have already said, winning Raikkonen and McLaren.

Others 15: Schumacher (2004) and N. Rosberg (2014 and 2015).

As we can see, Alonso paid a lot of attention between 2003 and 2006, when the displaced persons who had previous newspapers had been displaced. But these events, rather than predicting the historical legend of the sport (controversial "legend"), predicted the current trend: young people began to become more equipped for the F1 and "the rider's era". & # 39 ;: Hamilton, Vettel … Verstappen, three Fernando have moved.

Alonso's name is not one of the first evaluated categories, I believe, which are the most important in motorcycling and a reference to "historical value".

In this sense, it seems that Fernando Alonso's comparison reference is not Schumacher, Fangio, Hamilton, Vettel or Ayrton Senna, but Mika Hakkin.

Finland's rider, like Alonso, won and twice won (Schumi injured in 1999 and was one of the races). Only Alonso did it in 2006, since 2005, Schumacher Raikkonen and Spaniards doubled their points and did not compete for the crown.

We live in social networks and hyperlabies in this virtual universe; everything is exaggeration.

Fernando Alonso will be surprised. But more than F1 history (champions). Mika Hakkinen was not lost or missed.

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