Monday , May 10 2021

White Conquest: Piñera announces an ambitious plan to modernize the presence of the Antarctic Chile

In the midst of a symbolism as former president Gabriel González Videla and a trip to the Magallanes region, President Sebastian Piñera announced an antidimotional plan to catholicize the Chilean scientific research in the Antarctic.

In the Antarctic soil, the president, the first lady, Alberto Espina, Minister of Defense, and the scientific minister, Andrés Couve, gave details of the investment project to prepare for "Base Frei in the 20th Century".

According to Piña, there are several improvements to improve the presence of Chile in the South Pole: administrative building, other logistics, improvement of the Chilean landing list, construction of a dock and four living modules to improve living conditions. In Antarctica.

The plan has two phases, Piñera said. The first one will continue until 2022. Then the second stage will begin immediately. According to Pinochet, former president Gonzalez Videla has "continued tradition". This was the first president to settle in the Antarctic soil.

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