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Who is the mineral water promoter of all the stars of the Golden Globes? | TV and show


The real star of the 76th edition of the Festival Gold Balloons Julia Roberts or Lady Gaga was not, but an anonymous beauty caught her unexpectedly.

It was a promoter of bottled mineral water fijiDuring the ceremony, she dressed in blue and in the tray, the drink was offered to guests. However, according to all expectations, the girl's "steal" show has literally "sneaked" into many pictures of celebrities.

But who is a mysterious woman talking to everyone? It's your name Kelleth Cuthbert, a model that works as a priest or commercial actor.

As he explained to the magazine, he never wanted to get attention, but raised his "instinct", after making arrangements, turning the bill and looking at the camera at the right time.

"There are many photographers everywhere, no matter what position you are, you're in the middle of each shot. You should have a good face at least when you're floating in the background"said the young woman.

"Photographers need to take so much photography so fast. Of course, your face does not seem to be totally beneficial, so I've captured a lot of expressions that make a strange face," he said, making sure that the images of the viral were most liked.

However, his employer, Agua Fiji, also mentioned boycotts about social networking situations, although his presence was described as "vain" (unexpected).

"We are very happy that we all talk about our water!" I feel terribly present. * It's from here, is not it? #ChicaDelAguaFiji, "the company wrote on Twitter.

Actually, Cuthbert showed a lot of pictures of Hollywood stars Judy Greer, Idris Elba, Eric Lange and Tony ShalhoubBut he was sure to be his favorite Jim Carrey.

"I loved Jim Carrey. I love your work. I grew up watching his movies and I thought it was fun to come back in the background," he said.

Kelleth said he did not hear much about the anger in social networks. "I did not know what was happening, of course, I did not have my phone next to me"he commented.

"I did not know until the last red carpet was directed to the awards ceremony, and all the people who were passing their phones started to face them and they showed me that it was a trend in Twitter, but I did not understand it. From there,he added.

The model told her about what happened to her boss and after the party (the parties that participated in the event), many people asked herself.

Although he worked 12 years ago, Cuthbert assured that this experience was unique. "There's nothing interesting ever happened. I never had much attention"he said.

The best unwanted marketing campaign

But above the hilarious anecdote, "water suits" gave him significant dividends for Fiji.

According to data marketed by Apex Marketing Group, Yahoo! S Finance, Fiji recorded a record of impressions (visits, shares, scope) on social networks.

With the same level of presence on the Internet and through traditional media, Fiji would have to pay more than $ 12 million, says Apex.

"Since it was viral, it was not seen in previous gold balloons at a new level"said Apex Marketing Group President Eric Smallwood. "Every table was made strategically over the emission of Fiji Water, Lindt and Moët Chocolates, but it also took place in previous years."

He promoted the brand that happened with Kelleth. Although he did not acknowledge this exhibition, the models admitted to the Los Angeles Times that the red carpet was a strategy.

Note that Cuthbert also made personal dividends, with 160 thousand followers in Instagram over 160 thousand years of participation in Golden Globes.

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