Tuesday , January 25 2022

"Who is to call a rapist?"


Last time, Chinese singer and songwriter Tito Fernández It's a difficult situation Due to complaints about him, due to alleged sexual abuse and rape.

In order to talk about this topic, he invited the program "Cada dia mejor" to the interview with La Red canal and Alfredo Lamadre,. The artist handed out three class reports of his classes at the Metaphysics Studies Center, 2010

At first the "Temucano" what happened when he made mea culpa: "Put personal human, something that has not been done …" This is a mistake, I'm very stupid and I'm expensive. "

Lamadrid wanted, like all audiences, that the accused was aware that he was guilty. Previously, the artist replied:

"First of all, I'm not violent, I have not been, I will never be. Please believe me! I'm doing a very bad time, but I know it. I did not do anything … well, nothing. "

But the allegations, whether true or not, cost a lot in everyday life, the 76-year-old man "did not call me anywhere," I did not call. " Who calls the rapist? (…) they settle me, that removes the stigma of a thief? ".

At the end of the interview, Fernandez thanked the platform for the channel and said that future projects are still not questioned: "I am very pleased with this situation and thanks a lot of thanks for helping me." I do not know if I need to sing again. . and I have to fight for it, "he concluded.

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