Monday , October 25 2021

Why do you look for "idiot" in Donald Trump's Google images? | Society


This year several executives from various companies, such as Facebook and Twitter, have given explanations on how their popular platforms operate, as a way of establishing whether or not the use of user information is being used.

The last one was Sundar Pichai of Google, who responded to the questions of the United States Congress, one of them being the question formulated by Zoe Lofgren – the Democrat – who consulted: "If you are looking at Google the word idiot In pictures, the picture of Donald Trump. Why does this happen? "

As reported ABC, Pichai clarified that his company has no political position, rejecting the accusations that suggest that the search engine is favorable to the most progressive political currents.

In that line, Pichai pointed out that "every time a user writes a keyword, Google goes out, traces and stores copies of billions of web pages in our index ".

"This is working on a large scale and We do not intervene manually in any search results in particular, "he added.

The CEO of Google explained that the keyword term is compared and classified according to different signals and parameters such as relevance, popularity and the way in which that term is used.

Pichai tried to clarify that if searching for the word idiot appears an image of Trump is because many people They shared images of the president of the United States associating them with the term "idiot".

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