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Why does not Falabella stock up on the stock market?


Market agents argue that there are also doubts about e-commerce in strong revenue.

At the end of July, Falabella's shares traded around $ 6,000. However, after the announcement of the purchase of Linio and after the growth of the company's investment in financing and other investments, the stock has sunk and has not recovered since then.

Although shares are placed in the field of capital growth, on October 19, the price of paper has not yet been received.

At the end of Friday, at $ 5.215.8, the title stands at 1.35% of the stock market. As of the day before the operation, the fall reached 12.05%.

The purchase of online and Google reconciliation of the announcements to place ads in the electronic payment business were a success thanks to local market agents, which boosted the position of e-commerce. Why, then, did it work?

In the market they emphasize the bad general performance of the sector. "Retail trade, in general, has shown a weak Chilean for weak images of consumption and employment, which will not be noticeable in 2019," said María Luz Muñoz, a market strategist at Nevasa. It has caused the results of Falabella and Cencosud. According to Rene Le Fort, an analyst at the MBI mediation, the country's economic environment has no good results in the company. "Consumption does not go well and confronts this sector," says the sector "is a firm threat to Amazon".

Without a doubt, this particular point is still uncertain, the operators said. Despite the fact that Falabella is preparing some of the international e-commerce players, the question still remains to change the dynamics of what Amazigh has achieved and what business results mean. For Muñoz, in addition to three months of forecasts, there are several sources of danger in the Falabella area. Adding to the e-commerce uncertainty, "Linio's integration in the short-term risks and then the arrival of Ikea."

The rest

The final subscription period selected for the company's capital increase last week ended last week, when drivers made 12.3 million shares.

62.1 million were made in paper exchange auction, and 84.3 million shareholders were approved, the rest would add 9.9 million shares. In the market, although some price pressure may arise, the increase in the supply of Falabella shares in sales means that there will be no effect.

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