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Why is 2018 the "worst year" of smartphones? technology

Global sales smart phones The worst contraction of 2018 was recorded, and the 2019 forecasts were not much better, according to the new market research.

The number of mobile phones in the world sales dropped by 4.1% in 2018 and a total of 1.4 million units, according to IDC researchers, sees a potential for further reduction this year.

"A smart phone market worldwide is a disaster at this time"said IDC analyst Ryan Reith.

"Outside a few small markets such as India, India, South Korea and Vietnam, we have not seen any positive activity," he added.

Reithe says that consumers in the market have increasingly waited for their phones to be replaced by premium devices and the high costs of political and economic uncertainty.

The Chinese market, about 30% of mobile phone sales, was particularly damaged, with a 10% drop, according to the study IDC, posted on Wednesday.

According to IDC, five mobile phone makers have strengthened and currently account for 69% of global sales, compared to 63% a year ago.

Samsung The number of the manufacturer's phone number remained at 20.8%, although sales by eight percent decreased, IDC said.

Apple To recover the number of its position, it has recovered a 14.9% market share Huawei 14.7%, according to research.

IDC has said sales in the fourth quarter have fallen by 4.9% in the fourth quarter and in the fifth consecutive quarter.

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