Monday , October 25 2021

Will it revive? Juan Gabriel Exmánager carries out a ball test


And the talk by Juan Gabriel continues by the ex-director of the singer Joaquín Muñoz, said he was alive and "aggravated" on December 15th at the end of the day.

The words of the director were questioned, but the man quickly changed the date of the resurrection on January 7, Juan Gabriel has been living with him for 69 years.

"I never said that in the 15th (in December), I said that starting on the 15th (…) maybe it's January 7th, that is, it's his birthday. They talked to the media if they want to do it on the international day of Juan Gabriel, because they are not in Mexico," Muñoz.

But his words had to be "more precise", so the Mexican "Hoy" program reached the Muñoz polygraph text, in truth, his words.

While it was a good day, everything was over when asked by Joaquín if he was a lover of Juan Gabriel.

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