Monday , January 25 2021

Windows 10 and upcoming updates require 7 GB of your computer

The next day, Microsoft still does not know how much Microsoft 10 update is over, it weighs heavily and saves space.

Windows 10 prepares for the next update and accordingly Microsoft itself It is expected to be very heavy, it would have to be about 7 GB of memory in the computer memory.

Reserved storage Microsoft will use "updates, applications, temporary files and system caches". Our goal is to improve the functionality of your computer everyday, so that critical operating system functions can always be on disk. No The reserved warehouse, if the user achieves virtually the number of applications and Windows scenarios, is not reliable. "

Thus, several files were deleted to prevent a October update in 2018.

For some reason, Windows updates are reserved more than if it requires more space, it will automatically use another free space. Unless enough, Windows will guide you to temporarily extend external storage on your hard drive, such as a USB drive or the release of the disk space.

Windows 10

Windows also determines the use of the stored storage:

"In the next major version of Windows (19H1), we expect that gross storage will be around 7 GB, however, the amount of space reserve will change over time depending on what you use your device, for example, temporary files. Consumers rely on a reserved storage in the future, and in recent versions we have reduced the size of our customers to Windows size, we can adjust the size of storage for the future. Diagnostic data or comments The reserved storage can not be removed from the operating system, but it can be reduced to space reserved. "

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