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Windows Lite Microsoft is a lightweight and minimalist operating system in front of Chrome

The Windows 10 system is a robust operating system and a highly-developed system, but it seems that Microsoft is preparing a competition for competitors in the market. Chrome OS.

For that They are preparing Windows Lite, A clear and minimalist version of Windows that brings important changes to its interface and orientation and can be officially announced very soon.

New look and a "clear" mentality in Windows

As noted by our colleagues at GenBeta, Rumors have been heard for a year About a project known as Windows Lean, and among other things, he went to Google's education platform.

No 004 Other conceptual images indicate a mix of current tabs, but WindowsLite design seems to be diverted to the idea.

Project data has been added from one another and we've found a few weeks ago for example in this version of Windows & # 39; Live Tiles & # 39; The characteristics would disappear animated tiles From the Windows Start Menu.

The goal is to facilitate a Windows 10 loaded in some scenarios, one of which is a contest with its Chrome OS system in ** segments with simple machines and other needs.

Computers with lighter computers for lower configurations

The Bradri company Petri filtered the conceptual proof that could be part of the Windows Lite interface. The application launcher is similar to what we saw on desktop and on mobile platforms.

Perhaps one of these views of this special version of Windows is targeted New Windows based ARM-based laptops, but for now there is no data on it. What is clear is that there are many visual elements that will change to the Windows 10.

These changes will not only affect your appearance, but rather your approach: at least the beginning of Windows Lite is a rumor It will only work with progressive web applications (PWA) and universal Windows applications (UWP). It is not excluded, however, that the operating system also offers compatibility with traditional Win32 (legacy) applications.

When does Microsoft intend to launch this new version? Data are officially announced by the company year annual developer congress, BUILD 2019, Which will take place from 6 to 8 May this year from Seattle.

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