Wednesday , January 26 2022

Without a friend Feliciano's WhatsApp's "sad" image is played by the audience in Pacto de Sangre Social networks


There was a significant impact this Wednesday Blood Pact The situation after the protagonist was really dramatic.

In this episode we saw how Robert left Marcos in the abandoned warehouse, the gym owner and Benjamin's entire plan after killing Daniel and blaming his blunder.

It turns out to be true that the dark company knew that friends had blamed their evidence as a student's unbalanced knife. For the same reason, after long strained tension, the subject finally admitted that Daniel was himself responsible for the death of himself and his friends, but it was an accident.

Meanwhile, Feliciano is approaching knowing what is happening to his colleague at Robert Robert's offices and to see him disassembled, increasing the suspicion he is hiding.

Capture | Channel 13

Capture | Channel 13

Capture | Channel 13

Capture | Channel 13

However, in the midst of this strain, the scene was also curious and, of course, it was echoed in social media. When Feliciano's cell phone is trying to use WhatsApp, there are two contacts: Agatha (his sister) and Carmen (Daniela's mother).

This image made it possible for some viewers to get jokes, because people agreed that they needed "more people", perhaps no one wanted to talk to him, but it was impossible for him not to contact him anymore in WhatsApp.

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