Saturday , January 29 2022

WOM retains the percentage figure, more than 128 thousand new customers in December


The good news The WOM records once again the historical record of portability data.

During the three-and-a-half years of the operator, the WOM has once again consolidated the company with the highest number of portability in the months of December 2018.

In this way, the operator has obtained a new record in the history with more than 80 thousand net accounts, which has resulted in a record of December 2017 where 73,200 carriers were awarded.

"Only these results confirm the work we have done in Chile three and a half years. Likewise, it is essential to strengthen the importance of maintaining a transparent behavioral behavior that promotes competition for consumers, providing a better priced service"Commented by Sebastián Precht, WOM's CMO.

In addition to what has already been mentioned, the operator also celebrates the fact that it has become a company that has accumulated more portability, in 2012, Behavior in National Behavior, which reached more than 4 million customers in three years.


The WOM has been discussing Subtel's research to investigate irregularities in future portability systems by some local mobile operators, which WOM warned at the beginning of 2017.

"It is worth pointing out that Subtel can lead to echoing, allowing users to offer more market information and better decision making, but the process is transparent, with the involvement of companies", Sebastián Precht Assured.

The operator certifies that after the behavior of Subtel and the portability of December, the WOM obtained 204,239 net transfers between July and October.

Via Press Release – WOM

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