Monday , October 25 2021

Women run in Valparaíso in the center of the port demonstrations


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On Monday night, a woman It was next to Sotomayor Square Valparaíso, the Carabineros Forces Special and the conflicts between the mobile workers of TPS.

In that place, the workers kept hope for what was happening within the workers' union, The police and other 28 workers were mobilized about 5 hours, waiting for the roof to go down.

As mentioned, they were arrested by carabiners who were afraid of being at a height, and eventually did not happen with the effort made by the mayor of the city, Jorge Sharp.

Women were particularly abusive White and Cochrane streets, where a Protestant group crossed the cross when a car happened to people when a woman was injured.

The video below is the image and vocabulary that can hurt some people's sensibilities.

Notified witnesses Radio The driver of the car, after running, was forced out of the vehicle and had to deal with the places that were. I would like to draw a fire, finally, it was not carried out due to the presence of a uniformed cop.

On Twitter, the Facebook streaming screen was broadcast, showing that the Fiat car, the protagonist of ultra-language, came to Anbarra Beach, started the driver's car to start his anger.

Twitter | @NikolasM__
Twitter | @NikolasM__

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