Monday , October 18 2021

WWE TLC 2018 | Asuka SmackDown Women's Championship wins Ronda Rousey's intervention


It's an important time for women's divisions WWE. Before rejecting the prejudices about the skills of the woman's ring, today she is crazy because the fighters' struggles go unnoticed because they are boring. in FTA 2018, WWE The best change has been made to take the main event Asuka, Becky Lynch and Charlotte stairs, table and chairs, all the fight.

Struggling started: the great competition between Charlotte and Becky Lynch began with a great deal of tension. On the other hand, Asuka, many people criticized the battle to punish rivals who cared for the irresponsible fighters. It would not take long for the first boards, stairs, and stick sticks to appear on the outside of the ring.

The trio will be the sides of the ring to make it a favorite place to fight. Silletazos did not wait, and Becky Lynch would take control of the fight. He will confirm that he jumped from the top of the ladder to the leapfronts of the German curators. The blow would take Charlotte as long as Asukas had lasted for about two seconds.

The viewer's "This is awesome" cries wound women at the battle. They did not disappoint and now, Asuka, begins to control the situation. Kendo accepted the stick, he crushed Becky and Charlotte.

However, after an assault on the barricade of the public, Charlotte The battle begins to gain ground. It would be punished at the highest point Becky Lynch Third chain against the table.

Unfortunately Charlotte and Becky LynchIf the belt was carried to the stairs for the maximum belt, it would arrive Rouse Rousey The stairs to the outside of the ring to the top. Asuka It would be best to win the medal and be crowned as a women's championship Smackdown.

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