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Xioami Poco F2 filters through Geekbench

Next generation Flagship sub-brand Xiaomi It seems like cooking. And we say that, supposedly Little F2 passed through Geekbench and strained.

This is the site dedicated to making this different tests to reach clear technological devices. By results, they are obtained according to their characteristics.

Therefore, it is no wonder that these data are going through, as it is this time.

Xiaomi Poco F2, with the previous processor and the same RAM

The image above these lines is the star of our note.

You can see it with Xiaomi Little F2 Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. We're talking to eight Korean fans of SoC with a maximum 2.8 GHz frequency Is limited to 1.77GHz; This may be because it is a test unit. As an accessory, you will be the owner 6GB RAM.

Now, These two elements are exactly analyzed by Pokophone F1 just like its predecessors in Paperweight. That is to say, it is very curious that the company decides to make the same setup for renewal. But hey there is nothing in this type of case.

In a complementary way, Little F2 Android 9 Foot Factory would come along.

Search results reference, the smartphone He scored 2,321 points in the Single-Core section and 7,564 Multi-Core.

We will see that it is developing more in regards to this mobile, especially in terms of it chipset and RAM to see if changes occur.

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