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Yes, thanks to the pioneering initiative in Spain!


Sunday 12/18/2018 8:29:38CET

MADRID, December 18 (EDITIONS) –

Multiple sclerosis in Spain is a non-profit association that seeks to improve the lives of people with multiple sclerosis (MS), with 47,000 people affected by this disease in Spain. Overall proportion 3 for women for a damaged man.

"It is sad today, especially since the doctors are unknown, it is not recommended that most women with the greatest pathology be the mother, in many cases this may be necessary." In an interview, Infosalus speaks at the San Carlos Hospital Clinic Multiple Sclerosis Unit of Madrid Head, Celia Oreja-Guevara, neurologist.

According to this expert, at the San Carlos Clinic Hospital the Neurology Service has been treated as a reference center for the national treatment of patients in their EM unit, with more than 2,000 patients treated and treated. Personalized minimization of your symptoms.

But for over 4 years, the pioneer initiative has started on a nationwide hospital, and is developing in other countries in other countries, such as in the United States, pregnancy and postpartum family planning consultation. Want to be a mother.

Today, according to Oreja-Guevara, Efficiency was higher than 95%, children under 80 were born, In some cases, women who are mothers are repeated. "This is the only Spanish hospital with this benefit," said the neurologist on World Health Day on Tuesday.

Many patients with problems have been seen, according to reports, there are many non-knowledge professionals. For example, many physicians adhere to the work published in 1998, thanks to the French physicians on this subject who have been advised against maternity in these cases. 33% of patients say they may have severe sequelae in most cases, for example, that the patient has stopped.

Nowadays, and in some cases if we control patients, an EM is a woman who wants to be a woman in most cases, says a specialist sclerosis specialist. "Our special attention to these women, together with our gynecologist at the center, has reduced my anxiety and incentives to become a mother, because they could not," he says.

On the other hand, according to data obtained from these 4-year-old Oreja-Guevara, MS's pregnancy is not more risky than any other woman, without this complication. "Only 6% have had a very serious explosion of the disease during childhood years," he says.

therefore, The pregnancy of women involved in the research was very similar to that of the population and that the neurological causes were not perceived., not obstetricians, who avoid women with multiple sclerosis, have stable control of the disease and have a chance to get pregnant.

"If the patient is stable, and for example, it is not suddenly two or more years, treatments and controls are still steady during pregnancy, as those appearing in pregnancy disappear."

In fact, with the help of gynecologists at the San Carlos Clinic hospitals, there is a profound control, if there is any problem. You should always identify cases, examine or treat whether or not MS patients can continue during pregnancy or, for example, from time to time, treatment should be withdrawn because women want to get pregnant.

"Neurologists who advise women with fatigue directly from motherhood are also unaware of how they affect the pregnancy or postpartum treatment and those who follow the test, but if you face it, you get the right treatment to keep the patient, controlling pregnancy, or a multidisciplinary team If it has problems with control, everything is possible, "he added.

Although it is important to give this breastfeeding. Of course, in 2 months all patients have an MRI to see if there is an illness activity, in which case they would be breastfeeding and MS treatment would be given.


MS is a degenerative degenerative, myelin, a substance aligned with nerve fibers, which aims to boost electrical impulse between these fibers, which explains the neurologist. A woman's disease that causes more women than men can occur during reproductive age, and the specific treatment of the disease must be interrupted during pregnancy.

The disease is now incurable and its origin is unknown. It is not an hereditary illness, as it has been shown, even though the female females given to MS are more likely than those with other patients with this pathology, even if they are small, although necessary.

It is an autoimmune disease. It is initially inflammatory and it takes 20-25 years when the disease becomes degenerative. "When they are inflammatory, you can associate your hands with episodes, but days and specific treatments can be solved." Yes, if the patient with MS does not recover the episodes or episodes completely, sequences, which are linked to each other and, for example, stops stopping and it is advisable to walk on a wheelchair, but if it is done correctly, and if the patient is treated correctly, They do not reach the end. Wheelchair ", explained the neurologists at the San Carlos Clinic Hospital.

The onset of the disease is 29 years old. One of the most common symptoms is seen with a blurred vision of more than 24 hours, or a part of the body or a portion of the body slept more than 24 hours. "They are the two most common forms, but there are many others," said EM specialist.

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