Saturday , May 8 2021

You can download Super Meat Boy for free at Epic Games Store and save it forever

du Epic Games Store, The virtual Epic Games store, has not taken a month for us and has thanked us for a few days. A few days ago the users had the opportunity download for free Subnautica and today Super Meat Boy, one of the most popular and challenging games platforms of recent years.

The good news is, once you get it, yours will be forever. If you have any questions, we have tried Subnautica and, in exchange for the game, when the promotion is over, you can still enjoy it whenever you want, so do not think much. Get the Team Bee title by clicking here.

As Epic Games promised, every two weeks It will be free to download a new game, but at this time we do not know how to follow the same example of Super Meat Boy. It can certainly be yours until January 10.

At this moment it is very rare that someone does not know what the game is, but in that case there is no clueless, the goal is ten Traps, enemies and levels with very tight jumps we can test the ability to guarantee it Many times we will dieDr. Fetus finds evil and saves Bandage Girl until he reaches the girlfriend of our hero.


  • PC
  • Adventure – Platforms

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