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You can eat bars or soups to replace meals: it works

You feel yourself, living healthier and losing weight They are the common goals that we present throughout our lives. With a slow and often tough and rigorous process, you need to expand and consolidate all your disavowal Do not give fats, sugars or carbohydrates. There are several types. Some quantities end up (especially late maturities), and others on quality (change some healthy healthier foods).

There are substitute diets replacing some foods soups, shakes or barsIn the 1970s, it was very popular with space travel, when people were obsessed with having a nutrition meal concentrated in a single drink or energy bar. There are many myths associated with this dietary regime. Nerys M. AstburyIn the prestigious University of Oxford, diet and obesity researchers have denied them and has published an interesting article "The Conversation" for various reasons.

A. Nuño

If you have never dared to test the ketogenesis plan, because they are excessive constraints, your good news is.

Do not they work?

The reviews of the Atsbury team's studies conclude that this type of diet is valid. 23 clinical trials listThe researchers compared the weight loss to people who did not have diets instead of people. Despite the weight reduction in each group, people who took food substitutes were more than one year old who had lost their diet. On average, they fell by 1.4 kilograms.

Using substitute diets does not have much effect on other perishable programs

This type of test was done with the support of a dietitian or health professional. Likewise, replaces substitutes that have lost substitutes Over 2.2 pounds other alternative plans.

Is it a quick solution?

"The longest follow-up study found that nutritionally-substituted food retailers replaced traditional foods until the scheme begins four years ", says Atsbury. Therefore, if you expect to lose weight based on these plans, do not be disappointed or not disturbed: the changes will take some time.

Are they secret?

Many people think that diets that reduce intake "real foods" They can cause headache, insomnia, fatigue, constipation or diarrhea. But it is not a particular effect of these diets, but common side effects common to other food plans, not only substitutes. "In our latest review, we have come to the conclusion that spare substitutes for weight loss did not have adverse effects other than severe weight loss," said the researcher.

"I feel very hungry"

Food substitute products Proteins and fiber have been created to be rich, key components. "Although the parts are too small (and indeed they are), We all do not feel hungry and pintxos for food to find large calories, "says Atsbury.

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Laziness condemns us all the time and increases the desire to stay home. Fortunately, you can get your physical goals without leaving home

Are they repetitive?

When you talk about this type of alternative diet, everyone likes the typical magic we all like, or rather, something that we do not like. But having a lot of years of consolidating recipes, belief is not obsolete. "Currently, there is a wide selection of selected products, including traditional flavored smoothies For all tastes (including vanilla, chai and mint). soups, bars and some foods packaged, that is, your diet will not be boring or boring. "

"I lost weight, but they are not healthy"

Scientific reviews show that diseases like this type 2 diabetes can improve people who use this type of diet, unlike other types of weight loss plans. "Considering that you're losing weight," Atsbury weighs, "The decision shows that alternative diets may be the possibility you are looking for".

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