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You can practice 16-year-old rites and cabins. | society

As a tradition, every year, December 31st, at 00:00 a.m., a giant celebration, the Eve of the New Year, demands a more prosperous outing than it is.

Chile, 2018 everything. Government changes, Oscar Una Mujer Fantástica, the feminist movement, the Carabineros crisis, among other things, the success of events and situations.

If you are a superstition and want a better 2019, get acquainted with some good luck.

Among the well-known traditions are:

1.- Wear yellow clothes: If you like 2019 joy and money is not missing, you can wear the most colorful legs.

2.- Red underwear: If you want to attract love, you can wear a red ribbon attached to the red interior or, if you wish, under the clothes, in accordance with the love and desire of 2011.

3.- Criminal exchange: If you want to strengthen your relationship with your partner, especially if they face some problems, they should wear an outfit, so their goals will be fully linked throughout the year.

4.- White clothes, new clothes: The first is to eradicate good health and illness. And if you want to upgrade your wardrobe for 2011, you need to wear new clothes.


5.- Shoe money: In order to be economically prosperous in 2019, you can put a card or a coin in your shoes.

6.- Eating densities: If you are approaching a year, if you come up with a lot of money and you earn money, this meal will be eaten a teaspoon when it's midnight. This will give you prosperity.

7.- Bring the grapes: They sign your wishes and projects every month they will begin. You have to put 12 glasses of grapes and a drink for each stroke and the desire of the new year.

8.- Glass of water: If you want to get all the mines and groves of 2018, at midnight you have to drink a glass house on the street.

9.- Smoking paper: If you want to eliminate negative things from the past, you have to write them on paper and burn them at midnight, so they do not repeat in the new year.

Pixabay (CCO)
Pixabay (CCO)

10.- Your wish list: If you want to make your dreams come true in 2019, you have to make a list of your wishes and solutions to your problems, fold paper and open at midnight.

11.- Suitcase: With the 2019 travel, or at least not so sedentary, leave a house for a suitcase or bag. But if you want to travel a bit more and more, if you want to get together with your partner, you should go lock-in.

12.- Round ring: If you are getting married, you should put a gold ring with the glass of champagne, which will make it toast. On the other hand, this ritual attracts luck and money.

13.- Candles: All the energy that attracts them according to their colors. For example, peace blue; dark abundances; red passion; green health; white clarity and orange intelligence.

Pexels (CCO)
Pexels (CCO)

14.- Household cleaning: If you want to get rid of all bad energy and attract positive ones, now you have to clean the whole house and dispose of what is not useful, along with the clean house 2019.

15.- Table decorated: If you want to attract prosperity, put the best table and the boat. If you add something blue to the table, your home will not lose money. And if you want to love in many families, put the candle in red.

16.- Hug: If you want to be happy this 2019, the first person you need to embrace midnight should be the opposite.

If you are aware, there are rites for all flavors, so choose according to what you expect in 2019 … and do not forget that faith is moving.

What rites do you have left? Do you know any other rites that are not in this note?

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