Monday , October 25 2021

You have to pay $ 500,000 bonus: The Minister General Freedom gave the coaches (r) Bruno Villalobos


General (r) After the defense of Bruno Villalobos when he was taken to the Amparo court, Mario Carroza, Minister of State, expressed his support for Wednesday.

The approval was granted to pay $ 500,000. However, the opinion statement will come from the House of the Eighth Court of the Tribunal of Santiago, to ensure the connection between Thursday and Friday.

General arrested in Sucre street Carabineros arrested in Ñuñoa neighborhood. For this reason, the Cargo ordered the order of his arrest yesterday to carry out more processes. Villalobos spent a few hours later, but presented his appeal for defense. Appointed in the Appeals Court of Santiago, according to lawyer Angel Valencia, the judge was prosecuted by the Court Judge of Carroza and the Decree of his arrest or without background.

Retirement to Villalobos, in 1985, was responsible for the death of the student, Patricio Manzano, and the death of 21-year-old students from the University of San Felipe in Chile was denied torture. The victim arrested 174 people, the FECh community in San Felipe.

According to the investigation, after being arrested, the young man had detained his arrest in Santiago for exile, by means of ill treatment. Villalobos, who was 25 years old until now, at the age of 25, was a member of the police group that had faced the victim, but never had any contact with his students.

According to this incident, the Human Rights Program was asked to judge formerly the High Court of the uniformed institution.

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