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"You must have public policies for education at a high level of education for children."

Over 40% of gay people use the consumer regularly. Men are the result of the first survey of the men's behavior survey. This research aims to be the basis for the development of safe sexual practice for preventing HIV

On this topic, Rolando Jimenez, the Integration Movement and the Homosexual Liberation (Movilh), has said that over a year they are working on the creation of HIV, that is, the prevention and protection of those who live with evil people. "We found that young homosexuals asked for help and guidance, and with an increasingly serious problem, we had information about the sexual activities of young people between 15 and 29 years old, which led to a survey of more than 1,200 people." he said.

The results were dramatic: 40% use the condom regularly and men get older as their initial sexual intercourse. "I found that children had information that was safe for sexual practices, which is why it is necessary to have public policies for the comprehensive sexual education that begins at a young age," he added.

Jimenez argues that perceptual risk is low, because treatment has been a chronic illness, and if fear is lost, the virus continues to spread. They want to refine the strategy to influence sex safety practices.

Among others, it is necessary to create a protocol that regulates the use of Prèp tablets (pre-exposure prophylaxis) in order to prevent the prevention of the virus. This will reduce more than 90% if the chance of buying viruses in sexual practices is taken daily. For this reason, there must be a protocol that drives people on real-life effects and encourages safe sexual privileges, as it does not affect the relaxation of the tablet.

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