Sunday , May 16 2021

You, thanks to the Netflix series of harassment, allow his actor to praise his character Television and show

Last week, the American chain In life I've premiered you, a series of rebounds that did not arrive until Netflix a few weeks ago.

Upon reaching the platform streaming, production has become a phenomenon that hundreds of people have commented on in social networks.

The production argument tells the story JoeLoving a bookkeeper manager who falls in love and obsesses with a named client Beck, who begins and investigates until he is involved in his life, llegalized with his kidnapping and killing.

The production is the protagonist Elizabeth Lail (Once Upon) and Penn Badgley (Gossip girl), who had to quit fans of the series that did not praise his character, he emphasized the romantic side and defended the actions he felt for the alleged affection of the woman.

In social networks, it is common practice to comment on the followers of the actor. "Sign me up", wrote a young woman who received an immediate response from the interpreter: "Not thanks"

Another cybernaut wrote: "Well, Penn Badgley Dan was playing sexy (Gossip Girl) but Joe is another level." Once again, the interpreter answered. "(Another level) about the problem you want, right?" He said.

Also, another fan praised the character saying, "I said, but Penn Badgley's heart broke again, Joe is at this time. What are you doing?"

This ended the patience of the actor, who expressed his character "The killer."

After commenting on Joe's side, Badgley praised the people who were afraid of being afraid of people being in love with that image.

"The number of people who romanticize Penn Badgley's character you, scared me, "a tweeted follower. "I accept it! This is the motivation I need for this season", he said, on the other hand, artist.

Check the trailer below for the first season

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