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Young and adult men suffering from HIV / AIDS in China


December 01, 2018, 06:59Beijing, 1 Dec (Prensa Latina) China focuses on HIV / AIDS in the majority of patients with more than 60-year-old men and women, especially in the absence of sexual contact, said the National Health Commission.

According to this entity, the country has reduced the incidence of this disease, obtained through blood transfusions and also acquired by the mother-child transmission.

However, there are high risk infections among young people and college students, because sex lives are very active and usually are not protected.

Official data are generated for almost three thousand years in most cases, homosexuals account for 81.8%.

The Commission mentioned the prevalence of over 60-year-old illness, excluding HIV-AIDS risks, maintaining unprotected relationships and avoiding professional help.

This population segment was 8,391 patients in 2012 and 19,815 in the past year.

The Government promotes educational campaigns, prevention and control, both in sectors as well as in rural areas.

Statistics show that there are 850,000 people living with HIV-positive countries, of which 610 thousand retroviral treatments are included.

Until last September, it caused 262 thousand deaths for this cause.

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