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Young deceived a supermarket and bought a PS4 only 7 thousand pesos: the fruit was made by society

Buying a Playstation 4 is undoubtedly the dream of many. It is clear that, in order to achieve this, it is necessary to issue a significant amount of money, which can reach up to 300 thousand pesos. However, a young man only consoled 7 thousand pesos.

This happened in the city of Montbéliard, in France, where several establishments and supermarkets already have self-concept boxes, where customers who register their products later pay so they do not need a seller. In fact, in Chile there are already several places in this system.

According to BioBioChile, a young man from Adel, aged 19, picks up an almost perfect plan to keep a store safe.

A boy went to a supermarket and found a Playstation 4 directly. Leaving aside, he went to the fruit sector and, as if it were an orange band, he got the product heavier and sticked to sticker. bar What does this tag say? 9.29 euros or 7 thousand pesos.

He then went to the box office and had trouble with paying PS4. In fact, the guard did not even notice what this young man did. Finally, he left a new store with a new console and a compelling price.

Of course, the story did not end there. Since the temptation was stronger, Adel the next day returned to the supermarket with "& # 39; fruit & # 39; to buy Unfortunately, the police were waiting for him, so he was arrested.

He told the authorities that he intends to buy the PS4 to sell 100 euros (76 thousand pesos). When he returned to the premises, he arrived at the second console in Nice to pay for the card he lived in.

In the end, everything went wrong for Adel. He is currently charged with robberies, when he was sentenced to four months in prison for a management facility, impossible for five years, when the ban on entering the supermarket chain is added.

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