Wednesday , January 26 2022

Young people should necessarily vaccinate against pregnancy, rubella and papyrus


Looking for the trip Elgorria Imported, up to January 4, 23 cases are added internationally, and new cases are also avoided paper and Beola, the MINSAL had vaccine More than 130 thousand young men aged 20 to 24,

Administration vaccine, Which includes 130,061 people in the region, is free and can be done at primary care and vaccination agreements: German Sanatorium, University of Clinic, Kiñewen, Endodent, Mega Health and Los Andes Clinic.

"This measure has been carried out in the first phase until February 28, and the goal is to achieve at least 80%." Seremi of Health, Hector Muñoz.

The authority called the community to access this benefit and explained it, even if it is not indigenous or imported in the region. ElgorriaThere is a lie in the incident, and 521 cases were registered in the 2018 week.

In the country, it is protected against three illnesses, a first dose of 12 months and a secondary second-rate secondary element.

Seremi recalled that people traveling abroad, especially those born between 1971 and 1981, received two doses. vaccine After 12 months, they need a vaccine to prevent possible infections. The same is true when there is only one dose with less than one child and more than seven, at least two weeks before the trip is required.

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