Monday , October 18 2021

Your keys, content and new gameplay in five minutes


Line of games luxurious Nintendo Switch will continue to grow in 2019 real treasure: It's vital that New Super Mario Bros. U offers exciting incentives, such as the new Super Luigi U, two new characters and tons of adventure and challenges.

Secure bet, both for those who enjoy the original and for those who have no choice. And nothing Five minutes have been played Nintendo's Japanese official channel to return to curiosity. Especially if you take advantage of all the second pages in the video, review everything in it.

The main feature of the game, logically, is inherent Super Mario Bros. new. Bowser and his friends will return for themselves, allowing them to travel to exotic and colorful levels, to collect coins and try all types of power-ups.


For now, we will be present Capo Gazapo and Toadette. Design skills and skills for two new players.

  • Capo Gazapo He can cross enemies and obstacles, but like other heroes, it's not the immunity of falling.
  • Toadette You can use Super Crown to convert Peachette to get new mobility opportunities.

Ahead, a lot of levels, with direct access and with the help of the Super Guide. Yes, he is with many players, where the title shines with its brightness.


Together with the main one, the game offers the greatest challenges for those who like it New Super Luigi, an alternative version of the original adventure, in order to make Deluxe Edition safe and with all kinds of missions and experiences.

Super Mario Bros. The new Deluxe it will be available from January 11th and must be the first major attraction in the 2019 Switch catalog.

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