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Yuan will continue in 2019

The asset of that sponsor was better off, pounds and euros faced winds against Brexit and Italian budget crashes.

Yen is expected to be the highest winner against the dollar at the end of the year, with major currencies as investors sought security for the 2018 questions.

The leap assets were highly successful, with pounds and euros facing the winds against Brexit and the Italian budget crisis, the worsening of trade and price shifts between the United States and China. Oil pressure, commodities, such as the Canadian. Yen spent more than 2% annually in October, a dollar of 110.04 yuan, in London on Monday. Meanwhile, Japanese currency has risen to 5% in world reserves in the third quarter, more than 16 years ago.

If we follow layers of 2019, the yen "won by default" could face a quarter of the year's annual revenue against the dollar, said Shahab Jalinoos, the chief currency trading strategy Credit Suisse Group AG.

"Japanese news has only been negative in other places in relation to the original expectations of 2018," said Jalinoos. "Which played Yen's role as a safe asset type during a year, in general, negative active assets."

This year, yen has risen from the weakness of the dollar since the beginning, but profits have returned to Dollars after things have changed in April. After touching the weakest dollar against the dollar in the middle of the nominal capital market, Yen moved ahead in December.

Unlike factors that promote investor confidence in risky shareholder growth and global growth in 2019, Jalin expects Yen to remain the favorite. The average outlook for a Bloomberg survey forecasts the yen's strength to $ 109 at the end of 2019.

However, Barclays Plc's Marvin Barthe has said that Japan's currency can be more achieved in exchange for 107 yen of the 2019 generation. The rise of Yen in the next year will help investors find the dollar's risk and the diversification of Japanese currency, he said.

"Yen emphasizes a very long-term historical perspective," Barclays said in a telephone interview with macro makers and emerging market research. The forecast of 107 is not "a big yen's approval, but surpasses other currencies".

Jingyi Pan, the Singaporean market strategist at IG Asia Pte, is planning a stronger yen in 2019.

"With the many concerns that clarify the uncertainties about the expected outlook for growth, the shelter trade can be ignored," he said. "The breakdown in the Fed's current cycle breakdown can be seen by the differential differences that come in the next phase of the Yen for the last two years."

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