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Zuckerberg also wanted Facebook users to share their data, according to Reuters


© Reuters. Zuckerberg advanced the question of sharing Facebook users' data

By Paresh Dave

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – CEO of Facebook (NASDAQ :), Mark Zuckerberg, questioned business logic for external developers to access customer data, but finally released a green light in 2012, according to email. Electronic electronics posted on Wednesday.

The decision made it possible for the app to share 87 million Facebook users information next year and then share it with the Cambridge British analyst business consultant, who has been campaigning for a presidential campaign in Donald Trump.

Zuckerberg decided on Facebook's decision on Wednesday, saying that practice has stopped in previous years, which could have prevented the scandal of privacy that the company broke its reputation.

The email of the CEO of 2012, a British-led government commissioner in the UK, is an unusual opportunity to observe in-house discussions about customer information that shares social networks.

Facebook immediately released the public and third-party applications, including games.

However, Zuckerberg questioned these applications and the data they gave them to Facebook to be a significant increase in the use of the platform and revenue.

"In theory, we want information, but developers are really" messages "? Zuckerberg replied to a long message from a senior email." It does not seem to help segmentation (content), and I doubt that the use increases. "

In a message, Zuckerberg suggested that a request be charged for accessing Facebook users' data, the measures probably restricted the number of applications that Facebook has worked with.

In 2014, Facebook already had limited access to and wide access to many of the external developers. Although the tools and data were free, they were less valuable to manufacturers of many applications.

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