Sunday , May 9 2021

嫦娥 4 and Yutu No. 2 were successful in shootout – android – Phones Developers

  1. 嫦娥 4 and Yutu No.2 successfully fired each other.
  2. Yutu No. 2 landing killing each other to see the three main events of the 4th of this month – CHINA China cnBeta
  3. Exciting! 嫦娥 is surrounded by 4 giant ring giants – Xinhuanet Xinhuanet
  4. Are the United States want to exclude data from No. 4? Chinese National Space Administration says this.
  5. Foreign media: docking in the background of the moon to expose the ambition of Chinese power of space – scientific exploration cnBeta
  6. See the whole story of Google News

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