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10 most anticipated films in the first half of 2019 – Entertainment | Without Chew Daily


2019-01-10 00:03

Until 2019, every day, every year, the only constant is to watch a movie!


So what other films worth 2019, or you can not miss? We have not said so far, here are the 10 great screens that deserve attention and attention in the first six months of this year.

1. Captain Marvel
Big date: March 7

Fans of the past ten years know that Marvel works can not be lost. As the first movie of Marvel film this year, Super Captain Superhero will showcase the personal background of this super superhero super-hero, and will have an important role to keep "Avengers 3". "Tighten" 50% of humans!

2. Shazan (Shazam)
Big date: April 4

In front of Marvel "Amazing Captain", here is his opponent DC Comics superhero "Shazan"! That is, this year, the first film of the DC film universe. After achieving a mysterious triple, a small child who won super-strength and "Shazan" continues to dive into DC Water "Water Man" last year, once again the reputation and fortune double income?

3. Hellboy (Hellboy)
Big date: April 11


"Hellboy" is a renewed version of 2004 movie science nominations. The story is told by an unknown being called the Nazi War of the Second World War, but justice became justice under the guidance of the intelligent father. hero

4. Avengers: The Final Battle (Avengers: Endgame)
Big date: April 25

That's right! Who was the 2019 audio-visual one? ! The final chapters of the Marvel Avengers section, the superheroes surviving in the third episode, will bring about the final battle of Sanos. Can Sanos revive 50% of human and heroic disintegration? Will the US captain die? Iron Man, insulated and unprotected in the universe, to return to Earth? It's all to be answered by all.

5. Pokemon: Pokemon: Detective Pikachu
Big date: May 9

Yes, Pikachu is on the big screen! Almost all of the cartoon cartoons, this time the cartoon story is completely different. Pikachu becomes a detective and works with an actor to solve some cases.

6. Aladdin
Big date: May 23


The popular Folk show has once again been featured on the big screen, but still has its appeal and attractiveness, especially for "Black Elf", white-haired White. The card is seemingly powerful, what will it bring? What a fantastic traveler?

7. Godzilla: King of Monsters
Big date: May 30

This film is one of the most advanced works created by "Avenger 4". This film is followed by the 2014 follow-up of Godzilla, and the third film "Monster Universe" by Legendary Pictures (for the second time "King Kong: Yeouido" in 2017). In the best powerful monster disaster series, four behemoths of Japan, the godzilla divine giant, three dragon king dragon, Quidola, giant lizard and giant birds will appear next to each other. Among these, Godzilla and Gidola are steadily increasing their trust. Check out the trailer and feel the atmosphere!

8. X-Men: Black Phoenix (X-Men: Dark Phoenix)
Big date: June 6

The latest work by Marvel comics has been adapted to the new series of "X-Men". The previous "X-Men" series has covered the role of "Black Phoenix". "Phoenix Black" is a protector of the X teacher, but because there is no control of the tremendous power of the body, it becomes a mutant that can destroy mankind.

9. Black Men: Black International Black Men
Big date: June 13

"Black Super SWAT" is a classic movie, a classic movie that deepens the hearts of the people. Now, it's a derivative version. "Raytheon" Keith Hanswolf tries new Tessa Thompson to create a new "male and female" as well as old. Starli Anison, the new "Black Super Trio" to keep up the classic one?

10. Defending Mission 3 (John Wick 3: Parabellum)
United States publication date: May 17

Yes, the strongest skin killer is back! In the final section, John Wick received a worldwide $ 14 million request when they violated the hotel's mainland regulations. According to this difficulty, how did this divine killer survive?

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