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2019 cites iQiyi tonight to boost new trends in the construction of the entire kingdom of innovation – News News News


The Iqiyi night will end on December 1, 2019. This screaming night was an explosion in the field of entertainment, and high quality content, celebrity artists, industry cups of coffee and honorary awards were announced in the Chinese entertainment industry last year.

As an iconic annual event show, iQiyi has set "Iqiyi Scream Night" as an authoritative and influential annual event with a specific vision of the leisure industry and the trend of the future.

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Through this technology platform, this screaming iQiyi has created "AR sweep", "created a real AR guest image," "screaming and unlocking the flowering path" and other entertainment with AI, AR and VR technologies. The gameplay allows users 2019 iQiyi to scream in a three-dimensional night mode, online or offline.

In five main areas, almost 30 declarations were announced one by one

2019 iQiyi dwells in the five main areas of drama, music, variety, cinema, entertainer, etc., through annual live search broadcasts, with the value of iQiyi's content value, cinema booths and important data indicators as a reference dimension through the user's network High quality content and leisure areas The selection, high quality content and objective evaluation of entertainment has been premiered for the famous artists, the big coffee industry and a wide range of content in the past 30 years. During the ceremony, the "Annual Drama", "Annual Variety Show", "Iqiqi VIP Choice", "Annual Network Movie" and "Men's Team Screaming" were announced suddenly.

In the field of music and screaming characters, Wu Yifan received the honor of the annual singer and the honor of screaming in the male god. G.E.M. Deng Ziqi, Yi Qianqian, Luhan, respectively, won the annual singer-songwriter, annual singer and Asian artist. Ninepercent also won the "Big Singer of the Year" and "Screaming Men's Team", which featured the iQiyi Variety Content for "iQiyi" variety of "Idol Trainee".

"Yanqi Raiders" were stamped as the seal of the king's drama; "Biography" "Qiyiqiyi VIP member" was chosen as "Summer of Bubbles"; Xu Kai, Hu Xianyu Bai Luk has won the annual drama of high quality drama, such as "Biography," "Yanqi Raiders," "Old Boy," and "Feng Prison Phoenix."

"Chinese New Rap" and "Guo Fengmei Boy", respectively, received an exhibition of cultural diversity. "Idol Trainee" received the honorary recognition of the annual show; "Qi Yu said" "China Good Voice" won the annual IP variety show.

IQIYI occupation2018 & # 39;Comprehend video play"Entertainment throughout the area

Looking towards 2018, iQiyi has a long-standing trend in the strategic design of the constantly renewing content. The "Yanlan Raiders" industry refreshed a lot of refreshed, hot history, Forbidden City, and past heat, creating the "strongest" social currency. "Rumor," "You and me will love the whole world," and other drama "VIP members will see all the time watching" with the spirit of the Chase party's enthusiasm. At the same time, it focuses on the development of the iQiyi network, and organizes rap, culture, idols and other areas for the cultural trend of young people. "Young Chinese Rap" "Young Idol Trainee" show the new look of the world of culture. "Guo Fengmei Boy" uses the national wind to show young Chinese people in the new era.

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Additionally, iQiyi also exports positive content such as "Entrepreneurship Times", "Dajiang Dahe" and "Executive Sword", and also has the obligation to work on other people like Rugao, Xu Kai, Hu Xianyu and Bailu. New force Through the main industry trends, through the content strategy, iQiyi multi-domain work achieves greater progress in business value. On line "Soul Ferry, Huang Quan", 56-hour office ticket sales exceeded more than 10 million, in line with 30 days of 27 months, 120 days online in 40 million pesetas, creating a new record for the large network subsector. At the same time, iQiyi's self-service drama, network integrals and online are great, which makes it very clear that the potential of web content trading is stimulated.

Additionally, iQiyi launched brand-name activities in a vertical entertainment area, occupying an end to high-end entertainment and entertainment for the users. Iqiyi Summer Youth, the Iqiyi Scream Night Tour concert and other activities to improve the impact of iQiyi entertainment in the field of music. Among them, iQiyi Summer Youth has more than 41 million fans and has an interactive impact of about 380 million readings. Iqiyi Entertainment celebrates "Miracle's Birth Day" by Yi Yiqian and other artists who have successfully planned the broadcasts of the 2018 birthdays, in all directions in idols, in real life, and meet the needs of fans entertainment.

Comprehensive entertainment world to bring new entertainment to online entertainment

According to the "2018 China Pan-Entertainment Users Research Report", the number of pan-entertainment users is between 20 and 29 years old, among them, the industry's largest user scales, and the proportion of pan-entertainment users is 82.5%. sub-industry. The show's content industry has made progress in unprecedented development. At the end of September 2018, the number of iQiyi members reached 80.7 million euros and the scale of users and platform stability are steadily rising.

Iqiyi Scream Night, the IP entertainment activity created by iQiyi for five consecutive years, has been gradually becoming an authoritative activity in the industrial phenomenon inventory throughout the industry, interacting across the industry and ordering industry trends. Cultural trends in the field of entertainment are reinforcing the influence of iQiyi brand. In the future, iQiyi will renew the concept of the content industry's creativity, strengthen the platform's high-quality content matrix, and provide users with more experience to create a popular culture and create a comprehensive recreation realm.

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