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2019 International Film School Meeting in Beijing-Xinhuanet

</p><p>2019 International Film School Meeting in Beijing-Xinhuanet<br />

Improve film industry work

The goal of the power of the film is not enough

2019 International Film School Symposium

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, February 28th, 27-28 February, was held at the International School of Film School in Beijing. Wang Xiaohui, the executive director of the Central Propaganda Department and the Deputy Director of the National Film Bureau, gave a lecture and lecture.

In his speech, he summarized Wang Xiaohui's achievements in China's 2018 film development. In recent years, the film industry has developed a new era of Xi Jinping's socialism, the characteristics of Xinde and the nineteenth century. The spirit of the congress, the greatest awareness of the decision making and dissemination of film organizations, has improved the film management system and has made a new jump in the film industry. The film shows a positive health and a good state of development. Last year, there were 1082 types of films, an inter-annual growth of 19.95%, at the national box office, 60.976 billion yuan, up 9.06% year-on-year; The home cinema box was 62.15%, cinematographic film was 1,716 million euros; The total number of screens reached 6,079 national, of which 9,033 were added to 2018.

Wang Xiaohui filmmakers highlighted the problems of today's cinema presence: First of all, there is still a great deal of difference between the quality of creativity and the public's hope; Secondly, the government's industry and market regulations are quite broad; The third is still lacking high quality talents; Fourthly, the international impact has to be improved.

Wang Xiaohui has stressed that it is a global carrier that reflects the integral and is an important transport provider for important cultural development. Culture is the leader in the field of culture. For this reason, the development of the national goals of development must be linked to the development of the film. We will build a strong country of cinema and provide a true spiritual support to discover China's dream. We need to have a new era of Xi Jinping's socialism, with Chinese features, and "set up people, create new people, develop culture and show the image", to set the stage for the direct management of film work. He wants. We must continue advocating for innovation, focusing on people's focus on creative orientation, continuing production creation, and encouraging the emergence of the plane and creating "Chinese new, epic national Chinese" cinema; To consolidate this base, we need to accelerate and accelerate the construction of the cinema, driven by scientific and technological innovation, promotes the improvement and perfection of the cinematic system, the creation of the leading film companies and the film industry promotes high quality; He wants to strengthen the training of talent in films, he has to make efforts to promote Chinese films around the world, increasing the strength and influence of culture. Get moving towards a powerful film. We expect that national film-makers will join in and make progress, advance ahead, and match the most important achievements that will be achieved in China's 70th anniversary.

2019 International Film School Meeting in Beijing-Xinhuanet


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