Wednesday , October 20 2021

343 Studio: Do ​​not Ask! "Halo: Unlimited" definitely does not run away – Microsoft XBOX


Getaway game mode is already the most popular game mode. However, masterpieces like "Call of Duty 15: Black Action 4" and "Battlefield 5" have a long history.


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However, it seems 343 Industries is not a fan of this model. Recently, Halo: Unlimited has stated no intention of adding a next escape.

Jeff Easterling and James Bachici said 343 Industries in a recent interview: "One BR is the only one who is interested in the Battle Royale, but the Battle Rifle."

This is not the first time 343 Industry has warned that the unpleasant popular way to escape popular. This year, Easterling will not add the game this year, and it will not be a game.

"Halo: Unlimited" is being developed for Xbox One and PC. Although it does not have a window of ads, many people speculate that it will be released until next year or by 2020, or has called cross-generation consoles games.

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