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6 years clear "super land" or the existence of quality of life is three times earth – scientific exploration – cnBeta.COM

Researchers have found that 6-year-old planet could have a life-sized "super-Earth" giant. Barnard b (or GJ 699
b) He has found a new planet "Super Earth" from the second star closest to the star of Barnard Star. Barnard
B is very cold and the temperature is similar to that of Europe at 150 degrees.

But researchers say that its "nuclear" nickel / nickel temperature is quite large and the geothermal is very intense.

According to Edward Guinan, astrophysicist at Villanova University, at a meeting of the American Astronomical Society, he said that "geothermal" supports the "survival of the belt" as an underground lake in Antarctica. "

According to the paper, "we know that the temperature of the European temperature is similar to that of Barnard B. However, due to the presence of the geothermal heat, Europe may be in cold water. If it's water, geothermal heat can cause liquid water to fall under the ice cream of the skin." Life Ring & # 39; This situation is similar to that of cold Europe. "

He said: "Barnard Star has carefully studied a bit. Barnard is the planet's most important planet to discover the planet's closest planet."

According to Scott Engle's secretary, "Kepler looks at the research based on the data of the telescope, that is, the planets are part of Milky Way, including thousands of millions."

Barnard b is a rocky planet on Earth over three times.

Engel said: "A Barnard star exists twice that the sun already exists about 9 million and the sun existed 4.600 million years ago. Earth's planet-like universe is much longer than Earth, even the sun."

Barnard b The Earth's mass is three times greater and around Ordinate around Barnard (the red horizon) is 233 days and the orbital radius is similar to that of Mercury.

He said, although it was very small, the future use of the ultraviolet telescope could be "viable" for "Barnard B" photography. "This observation will reveal the atmosphere, surface nature and livability."

Although the surface temperature is around 150 degrees, scientists believe that water is a liquid that accepts under ice.

Barnard b is a rocky planet, 3,2 times greater than Earth.

Barnard's b-star host Barnard has a 6-year-old light span on the Earth – it's a short distance on the astronomical scale, with only 0.0035 times the sun's brightness.

The only star system approaching the ground is Alpha Centauri, about 4 light years away.

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