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A new step towards modernization in agriculture and rural areas – Development, prioritization of social welfare, two years, related, three rural areas – Tibet's Day

2018-12-31 01:36:43 Source: Tibet Daily

Xinhua News Agency Dong Jun Yu Wenjing Hu Wei Reporter

The rural Rural Development Congress closed in Beijing on the 29th. The 2018 rural revitalization strategy is the first year. What agricultural and rural priorities have been important in this important event at the end of the year? How to force the next step? The magazine was first interviewed by expert experts and discussed the spirit of the meeting.

To gather "two-tier" hard work in the next two years

Prior to the meeting, the secretary general of Xi Jinping made important guidelines for "work in three rural areas", highlighting the harder tasks of building social welfare, adapting to China's environmental reform and development challenges and adapting to new domestic environmental demands, thoughts and perseverance unifying Reliability, work execution and development of good agricultural and rural areas.

The important content of this meeting is the study and implementation of hard work to be carried out in the "three-tier" of the next two years. What are the hard work? The meeting stressed that winning a fight against poverty is a fundamental way of building social welfare.

At the same time, as the first difficulties in the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy, the functioning of three-year rural human settlement corrections is another tough meeting that clearly defines the meetings.

In addition, the meeting was also proposed hard tasks to ensure the national food security and the efficient supply of important agricultural products, as well as the construction of agricultural reform, social construction and ecological civilization.

Ye Xingqing, Director of the Department of Rural Development of the Rural Development Research Center of the State Development Research Center, has said that these parties have been clearly involved, because these areas are lagging behind in other cities and rural areas, and these aspects are based on the well-being and economic development of the peasants. based on general social situations. If we work hard, we will achieve a better understanding of the purchasing, happiness and safety of farmers, and guarantee quality and gold content to achieve the goal of building social welfare.

Li Guoxiang, a researcher at the Institute of Rural Development of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, has said that it is not a sign of weak people to be a sign of social welfare. Improving the atmosphere in the environment will be incorporated into a new habit, in the new era, to ensure food security and relevant agricultural products. Efficiency is the most important economic and social function of Chinese agriculture. Responsible work affects the general state of economic and social development and needs to overcome difficulties and achieve practical results.

There are only two years for 2020. In what areas do you have to complete these tasks? Liu Heguang, a researcher at the Agricultural Economics and Development Institute of the Agricultural Sciences Academy, said it was necessary to establish general solutions for hard-working tasks and to establish social and responsible incentives and establish a supervisory mechanism to achieve clear goals, clear steps, responsibilities, incentives and dissemination. Management and strong. At the same time, teams that are capable of spreading the first line of hard compromises, breaking the main difficulties of hard work, taking financial funds as a guide, with social media enthusiasm and project intake.

"They're making great strides for two years to work hard. If you have a tough fight, you have to be a tough fight." Ye Xingqing said: "First and foremost, we have to put hard tasks to fight, dramatically, strength and attack and increase investment." Simultaneously, mobilize the desire of farmers and drive endogenous motivation. "

Focus on the development of agrarian and rural development initiatives

The meeting "Prohibited opinions of the State Council" and "Rural Agriculture" were banned from making a good job of "Communist Party of the Chinese Central Committee and the Priority of Rural and Rural Development". Experts believe that the opinions that have been discussed in this meeting, carried out by different tasks, the nineteenth century of the party. The National Congress proposes the "priority agricultural and rural areas" requirements.

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