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A new version of Ali's "big Tmall" strategy to consolidate the base of the commercial operating system chassis – News – IC Trade Global Starts Here –


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2018-11-26 13:50

On November 26 Alibaba Group announced a new organizational renewal plan. Alibaba Cloud, in addition to upgrading the Alibaba Cloud intelligence, to enhance technology and smart Internet for investment and construction, Tmall's business group has risen to "Big Tit", Tmall's business group, Tmall's supermarket business group and Tmall's import and export business department completing Three main sections.

Jingjie, the former chairman of Tmall Business Group, will act as President of the Tmall Business Group. The Ali Taldeko Li Yonghe (Lao Ding) CEO will be President of Tmall Supermarket Group. Liu Peng (Owen) will be the Tmall Import and Export Division. Managing Director. The previous three people were informed by Zhang Yong, CEO of Alibaba.

At the same time, the rookie network will set up the logistics supermarket group and the Tmall import and export logistics team. The supermarket logistics team presented a double line between Li Yonghe and Wan Lin President; Tmall's import and export logistics team told Liu Peng and Wan Lin double solid lines.

Ali's self-renewal, talents, institutions and the future have become the core keywords. Ali's development over the last few years has proven that it is a profound level of human resources, an organization that is constantly updating and designing future management to ensure sustainable and healthy growth in Alibaba. The core of Alibaba's strategies is the talent strategy, with a special training and training mechanism, and actively generates changes, lifestyle and creativity for constant Alibaba economy and progress.

"To build Ali's commercial operating system, to strengthen traders and" play the role of the economic-economic economy, the world does not have a difficult business, we have to face the future and we must constantly renew organizational planning and organizational skills. " Write an open letter.

Ali's proactive post-renewal strategy in the history of Ali, Ali's economy and the global embrace of the digital future are more rapid. Tmall's business group Tmall will become the leading position for global brands for digital trading and for online and online transaction operations. Tmall Supermarket will complete Tmall's supermarket and Amoy business and work with partners such as Ali Eco's hypermarkets and supermarkets to realize the ideal wholesale and retail offline retailer, Ali Eco, and "Tmall Supermarket and Tianxia Supermarket". Ali Imam Import and Export Business Unit Importing $ 200 million in importing fairs for over five years is Ali's strategic base for worldwide global purchases and sales.

"Big Tmall" Ali is the base and chassis of the operating system of the business. Updating "Tmall Cat" will bring more global brand trademarks, providing online and offline digital integrations and helping merchants from all over the world to market. Explore in-depth retail exploration, improve operational efficiency and provide a better service for consumers.

Explore the digital transformation of the brand and the main management of online integration and integration

Tmall is a global brand meeting. This year's Tmall double 11, more than 180,000 brands around the world, has become a commercial center in the digital economy. Double Tmall on 11 days, total turnover rose to 213.5 million yuan, with 237 brands more than 100 million yuan, with 11 and 8 brands doubling more than 1 million days.

In the last ten years, Tmall constantly updates its platform and merchants' ability, the ability to capture digital operations, offering consumers the best products and services, richer products, more convenient payment, more efficient logistics and revolutionary revolutionary consumer lives. Analysys also shows the Tmall market share in China's B2C market, which reached 59.5% in the third quarter of 2018, and the market's leading edge has expanded.

Not only does growth increase rapidly online, Tmall continues to line up small linear and offline small-scale models to analyze offline digital transformations. Today, Tmall and leading brands have created more than 200,000 retail outlets and more than 200 smart businesses online. For example, the retail experience of the new brand GXG and Tmall socks has added new Retail Retail Tmall platforms, for example, "Wild Mirror" – they should only be in front of the mirror, Smart AI will help you get to know it. The body shape and face are best suited for you, and try to show an effect by a mirror. Tmall's latest retail trading system allows stores to move online, for a long time consumers get their clothes and some doubts about certain outfits to get real-time data for reference to retail decisions.

As a leading retail store for Retail and Retail Brands, Tmall will provide the full benefits of the digital media, make it easier for the brand to upgrade the range of people's goods, and ultimately improve the efficiency of their operations.

Integrate Tmall Supermarket and Amoy Dot to promote new retail formats

Another important point of the "Tmall Cat" innovation strategy is to establish a Tmall supermarket business group, integrating the original Tmall supermarket and Amoy business together with Ali Ecology hypermarkets and supermarkets. RT-Mart, Auchan Supermarket, including Sanjiang Shopping, to promote the new Shangchao online retail and offline retail distribution.

The original Tmall supermarket was established in 2011. Over 7 years of development, today, it has become one of today's only recruitment center that covers food and fresh drinks, beauty, household cleaning, appliances and other categories. Most regions and larger cities will be given the same day. In July 2017, the Tmall supermarket opened an "hourly service" in 21 cities, including Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou. The main products were fresh fruits: fruits, snacks, dairy products, meat and eggs, and orders grew rapidly. In one of these 21 cities, Tmall Supermarket has planned 400 stores and has collaborated in local convenience stores to cover the city's main consumers in 21 cities. In November 2018, Tmall Grocery began an "hour" to get hungry distribution, offering more services to consumers.

Ali also explores new retail models underneath the business line. In 2016, Alik created a horse box in November 2017, Alibaba Gaoxin Retail, crossing RT-Mart and Auchan supermarkets in the country and entering 446 hypermarkets in the retail market.

In the last year or more, 13 chain stores, such as RT-Mart, Auchan, Xinhuadu, Sanjiang Shopping, Zhongbai Supermarket, Wangzhongwang and Xingli Supermarket, and nearly 500 stores connect Amoy. Integrate the online and offline integration into the digital store and data integration. Consumers can use Taobao to order at home supermarkets, and can be delivered in half an hour. According to RT-Mart, the Farunde store can be digitally upgraded to get 5,000 orders per day. Fresh series of cartoon horse products, Tmall supermarket red goods, Taobao heart-selected stores, etc., were also included in the RT-Mart store.

In the future, Tmall supermarket business group will promote a small retail model retailer that rebuilds goods in the Internet through technology and data and will provide online and online services to meet the needs of consumers everywhere and anywhere. The retail capacity of this retail will be steadily exported, the larger supermarkets in the supermarket, to help the supermarket Tmall "supermarket" ideal.

Global buy, global sales, 5 years, USD 200 million USD

Globalization Alibaba is one of three major strategies, and Tmall will take on more responsibility. In November of this year, at the first import fair, Alibaba ordered the digital economy Ali to get an import value of $ 200 million over the next five years.

The important component of Tmall Import and Export Division "Tmall Cat" will be an important company to fulfill this commitment. Tmall Import and Export main businesses: Tmall International and Tmall. At the end of September 2018, the Tmall International Platform has included more than 19,000 brands abroad in more than 75 countries and regions. Tmall International has launched more than 20 countries and regions in the United States, Canada, Brazil and Australia.

The Rookie network has built more than one million square meters of Chile's 10 port ports and 231 cross-border warehouses have been in general services. More than 300 cross-border private lines have been created to obtain secondary customs access.

As a pioneer in the e-commerce e-commerce importation, Tmall International has been the first to focus on the new round of Chinese consumer upgrade, the first fresh, fresh, fresh milk, early inland, and so on. In 2018, Tmall International has also examined a new cross-border retail importation model. Under the Intime combined and other household lines, the commercial water analysis system has become a prominent consumer of direct sales operations.

In addition, Tmall Overseas was born in 2017, with Tmall 140,000 Tmall merchants and millions of Taobao retailers, offering more than 1.2 million goods and services to more than 200 countries and regions all over the world, including Earth. North of Greenland, south of the Falkland Islands. In the future, Tmall will work with e-commerce platforms like Lazada and AliExpress to sell retailers around the world to their products worldwide.

Earlier, Zhang Yong at the Import Expo said Alibaba's digital economy hopes that companies and companies around the world will use digital methods for new markets, new markets and consumer and sales models and innovation in the supply chain. Big $ 200 million import program Ali Aliantza is the best way to boost global commerce, and China's boost to China's upgrade.

The following is Zhang Yong an open letter to all employees:

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