Wednesday , October 27 2021

African pigs have not been affected in the Hong Kong market so far. Pigs prices are temporarily stable.


African pigs have not had an effect on the Hong Kong market, and pig prices are now more stable.

At the beginning of August, the African vaccine that began on August 27 was spread to the province of Guangdong, and 11 pigs were killed in the district of Xiangzhou Zhuhai. The Hong Kong Pork Association President of the Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Hui Wai, today said (20th) that the average number of pigs supplied to Hong Kong in China was around 4,000, nearly 80% from Guangdong pig farms. .

Xu Weijian's african pig took more than 20 provinces and cities on the continent. Although they do not affect human health and food safety, they can not be spread through bacteria, because there is no vaccine. Pig trucks, therefore, have forbidden the pigs that are passing through the peninsula.

With regard to pig prices, Xu Weijian said it was temporarily stable. China's carnivorous Hong Kong unfortunately exploding price for Hong Kong pork production will definitely affect, but it will not be affected.

(Da Gongwenhui full media news center feed Reuters)

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