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After 25 years, the relics of Chen Baiqiang were "scammed"? – WASHINGTON

After 25 years, the relics of Chen Baiqiang were "scammed"?

Chen Mu said he "bought" 100 Hong Kong dollars and "sorry"

(Report Shou Pengyi) According to media in Hong Kong, Chen Baiqiang's daughter was the daughter of Chen Baiqian, a mother-in-law video interview. This conversation was said to be "deceiving" fans of Chen Baiqiang's collection.

Chen Baiqiang, known as the "first singer-songwriter of Hong Kong, has been for 25 years. After the death of Chen Baiqian, his father built a monastery of Taishan hometown to collect his personal trophies, costumes and souvenirs.

According to Chen Baiqian's mother, a home-based visitor visited on February 14 and said that he would do an exhibit this December. He must get relics from Chen Baiqiang. Chen Mu said he was the first fan and he borrowed it every time he returned, he agreed to borrow, and did not ask the fans to write a loan, so a fan took Chen Baiqiang a large number of relics.

After that, Chen Mu felt uncomfortable and repeatedly called to recover the relics of the other party, but the other party always hung the phone and Chen Mu felt more feel. He armored it and said: "I feel Aqiang, I'm an unfortunate fan, please come back as soon as possible!"

But the fan said that relics were buying them. Chen Mu said the fan had left 100 yuan at the time. She thought it was a red decoy birthday. The other parties did not say that he used 100 yuan relics.

After explaining the news, many fans said: "This is too much". But some fans also say that there are many questions. When was Chen Ms's Daughter More? Chen Mu is the game. Over the past five years, Chen Baiqiang's estate is 5 million pesetas and borrows money from fans. For this reason, the authenticity of this topic requires more verification. Coordination / Liu Jianghua


Born in 1958, Chen Baiqiang won the "Hong Kong Yamaha Keyboard Competition" in the summer of 1977 and won the third "Rocky Road" original "Song Creation Popular". In 1979, Chen Baiqiang launched "First Love". That same year, his first "Ten Chinese Songs" won the "Tears for You" album, featuring the pop music scene. Thousands of girls were also idols, and the media praised "the first singer of Hong Kong's idol." "Masterpieces of today's more" masterpieces, "I love", "What is your life?" And so, it's become a classic.

In 1992, Chen Baiqiang relaxed with the comic, and one year later, 35 years of brain failure died gradually.

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