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After Suarez Cavani, Uruguay sits at the front |


The Benfica star is making great progress and is preparing to be one of the best shooters in his national history by the end of his career.

For the past ten years, Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani have dominated the Uruguay attack, with the team achieving three World Cup qualifiers in a row and winning the 2011 America’s Cup.

The couple was born in Salton with a time difference of less than three weeks. In early 2021, they will turn 34 years old. They may have enough energy in fuel tanks to take Uruguay to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, but time is running out to find a possible successor to be the leader.

Fortunately for Uruguay, a successor may come. Darwin Nunez dominated the World Cup qualifiers against Colombia last week with a wonderful goal from the starters. Now he seems to be a strong candidate for the stars of Atletico Madrid and Manchester United.

Nunez, 21, bears a strong resemblance to the couple. Like Suarez and Cavani, he is also a boy from a small town who grew up in Atigas, the agricultural center of the Brazilian border.

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The impoverished Pilata Barrio player failed in the first trial of Penarol, but Jose Perdomo succeeded the former Uruguayan star. Perdomo brought 15-year-old Núñez to Montevideo and asked him to join the team with his brother Junior.

“The adjustment process is very difficult. It almost always happens, especially for northern children,” U15 coach Robert Lima told Ovacion. In fact, when Darwin almost returned to Attigas, Junol left Penarol due to family problems.

“My brother trained in Penarol’s first team, but he had to leave.” Nunez told Referi, “I also plan to return to Attigas, but he told me, ‘Stay here, you will. There is a future. I am the one who leaves.’

Nunez decided to continue working at Mania Stadium. In November 2017, his tenure bore fruit at the age of 18 and he replaced former Liverpool star Atletico Madrid and Argentine star Maxi Rodriguez.

The youngster helped Penarol win championships in 2017 and 2018 in a row. In 2019, Almeria traveled to Europe to join the second group in Spain with a transfer fee of 5.4 million euros.

The young player had great success in his first season in Spain: he scored 16 goals in 32 league games, finished fourth on the list of top scorers and lost the promotion.

He transferred again 12 months later and joined Benfica for the first value in the team’s history of € 24.5 million.

Nunez has slowed down under the guidance of former flamenco coach Jorge Jesus, but has become a major member of the team, especially in the Europa League. So far he has only played three games. He scored 4 goals in the game. He has also given 6 assists to his new club, proving he has something more than a goal.

“Darwin is still a baby. He’s only 21.” Jesus recently told reporters at the press conference, “Benfica still has a lot to learn, but he is making decisions, running, shooting and speeding. All capable.”

“He is the most expensive player in Benfica’s history. Although the pandemic brings uncertainties, he may be the most expensive player to leave Benfica.”

“This kid is going to be the best kid in the world, but it’s a shame for me. I’m going to lose him soon.”

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Nunez also caused similar waves in Uruguay. On Friday, after Suarez and Cavani scored in the 2-0 lead, he got off the bench.

He then completed a wonderful long shot in just over 20 minutes, breaking Ospina’s goal and sealing the victory. He scored two goals in all three Uruguayan matches.

Following in the footsteps of the two national heroes will be a remarkable achievement.

Abel Hernandez, Santiago Garcia and De Alasketa were considered the next possible, while Celta’s Maxi Gomez had high hopes for the future, but lost his November classification due to an injury.

Nunez is moving at a worrying pace, and in Tuesday’s main match with Brazil, the retirement of Suarez due to a new coronavirus opened the door for him to start. This will increase the challenge of the Qatar World Cup and other matches. Opportunity for these experienced players.

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