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AI industry is the leading investment research center in 1000+ announced 3 days later | Lei Fengwang


The AI ​​industry's 1000+ investment research center is born 3 days later

AI Investment Investigation, a member of Lei, could be full of water a year ago. At that time, Lei Feng's car was set up with a large vertical group of new intelligents for two and a half years. When we got in touch with many red business guides, we thought. If you write an industrial research report in an empty view of the media, what is the market opinion? As it was first, we spent six months going to Silicon Valley to visit more than 30 companies, and together with more than 60 companies, wrote the first industrial report we consider to be useful for investors. After issuing the report, it will be able to accumulate in our industry. Our visit to our China-US can be guided. We have written 13 subgroups for intelligent driving. It works really well, but at the same time it buys a lot. The user has given us a lot of enthusiastic feedback after reading.

Since then, we have confidence in the business communication. In March 2018, we launched an annual membership platform and created a second industry research report. In July mobile phone service was moved; In September, the AI ​​+ industry research report was officially published; In November, the third AI + industry research report was officially released. Currently, more than 800 members have passed. In December, we decided to renew all the members of the Network – Lei Feng Network member organization "AI Investments Research Institute."

The partners have a small group of highly-targeted managerial strategies, counseling companies, and other portraits of our members.

They are here

  • 10+ vertical industry can be understood at the same time

  • Learn the image of the entire industry from the media point of view

  • Discover about the latest product products technology

  • Learn about the special features of each company

  • Cross-departmental sharing shared knowledge can be used

In fact, we know that 100% understand the needs of these users, in the Lei Feng network (AI + car / AI + education / AI + finance / AI + smart city / AI + security / AI + medical / AI + IoT … verticals behind High-resource resources, we need to do something more important. We will launch Lei Feng network members, so that industry-wide investment researchers can enjoy this benefit.

The AI ​​industry's 1000+ investment research center is born 3 days later

Equity 1: Daily Investments Bulletin

Price: 2.99 yuan / day (total 700 yuan worth +)

2 minutes a day, information on AI + industry research

Equity 2: "Big Coffee Live"

Price: 59.9 yuan / area (total 2400 yuan + value)

Games over 40, first-time AI and great friends at home and abroad

Most advanced: AI + car (intelligent driving) / AI + education / AI + financial / AI + intelligent city / AI + security / AI + medical / AI + IoT and 10 other areas.

3: 12 net equity AI + annual professional studies reports

Price: 499 yuan / share (original price 699 yuan / share, total value of 8388 yuan)

1 month professional research report. Most AI to disassemble the leading industries and intangible industries.

Field organization: smart medal driving 6 units / year, AI + education / AI + finance / AI + intelligent city / AI + security / AI + medical / AI + IoT each 1

Equity 4: Super Egg affiliate

This item is a unique bonus for partners. Every day / weekly / monthly egg is released irregular benefits.

Contents: Large coffee-read, exclusive AI high-income admissions, discounts for tickets, 10+ exclusive AI high-impact coffee talk spectacle, closed-line closed-line research, etc.

As an innovator in the field of investment, we do not link much the way, but Lei number: Lei Feng network)This provides a way to do this. It is an effective and effective way to find a way to understand investment-based users a short time.

3 day countdown – welfare strikes

The "AI Investment and Research" service will be launched on December 3, 2018 (next Monday). Currently, the booking contract will be released as a gift package: a limited time of 999 yuan will be added to 3 large packages (1000 yuan +), 3 days only, 123 places limited, slow hand.

Welcome to the "AI Investments Research Institute" and become the leading investment in investment in the industry 1000+ to bring the future of artificial intelligence.

The AI ​​industry's 1000+ investment research center is born 3 days later

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The AI ​​industry's 1000+ investment research center is born 3 days later

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