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20th of December, 2018 at 15:40 Source: Some Evening News Interact participation

Amir Khan took the "India Thug" and appeared on Xi

Working with Chinese filmmakers

Amir Khan and fans of the self-timer Shang Hongtao photo reporter

Amir Khan, the Indian treasure actor and national director, starred in "Three Silly Bollywood", "Fight! Father," "Mystery Superstar", once he was feeling in China and a double turn at the box office. On the 28th of this month, Amir Khan's "The Indian Thug "will be presented at the Chinese Academy, which means that a new film that is already in competition will be strong. For the promotion of the new film, Amir Khan went to China, and Xi's was his second stop, Amir Khan, Xi & 39; which was featured at the University of Science and Technology eighteenth evening, was very pleasing to the students. The very intimate name "Mi Shu" is the nickname of Xi's fans.

"Fight!" "Daddy" -a "Mystery Superstar", Amir Khan used a film to promote the idea of ​​equality between men and women. Then, how does it say in "India Thug"? Amir Khan said: "There is no social information, I want to tell you a happy story, and we're all happy. The film is based on Indian history, and India describes it in 1795. Historical moments." His role in the film is to say that it is completely different from the past yours. In the film, he plays a black lie, which is very interesting. For her, the biggest challenge is to make great production scenes of the film, it can be said to be a very dangerous and an essay.

"Now Wrestling! A well-known musician named Dad," Mystery Superstar, "is a musician with Amir Khan's image in favor of the screen, 53 years old and responds to fans. Some students asked why his film would be very popular in China. Although they have different cultural backgrounds, emotions should be common and resonant. "I also like many Chinese films. I like Feng Xiaogang and Chen Kexin. I like actors like Deng Chao, Huang Wei and Wang Baoqiang. I want to introduce Indian films to China and invite Chinese films to India. In China, we also see Chinese movies. "Amir Khan reveals that many Indians are Chinese actors, almost all of them have a Bruce Lee poster, Jackie Chan is a local Chinese actress and a Chinese restaurant, India, very popular.

This is Amir Khan's first time to Xi &. However, he could not look at the city carefully, because of the time, knowing that it was an ancient civilization. If he had the opportunity to go to Xi'an, he hoped: "After Indian Thugs", I did not think he would be the next movie, but maybe I would work with a filmmaker filmmaker. "Throughout the past 30 years, Amir Khan has been very pleased to see the process: Let's live this life, I'm very grateful for 30 years, I'm going to set up a connection for fans, as an actor, I'm ready to listen to everyone's story and tell stories and show the hearts of others. I'm ready. "

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