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Ant Financial Service, president of two years Ali Finantzak, with the return of Hu Xiaoming technology | Jing Xiandong | Hu Xiaoming | Financial Services Antala _ Sina News

Original title: Ali Finance returns to Hu Xiaoming technology, Ali Finantzak left two years away from President Jinfu

Our Reporter Bao Hui Wang Xiao Hangzhou Beijing Report


Director of the Jinfu Fue said Sun's return reflects the antenna technology strategy. In the greatest experience, Alibaba Cloud continues its record and helps ants to have greater and stronger technological capabilities.

When the old gold service was vacated for two years, he returned to Hu Xiaoming's office.

On April 9, 2019, Ant Financial announced that he was chairman of the former Confederation of the former Confederation of Peng Lei Ant Financial, Jing Xiandong, who was appointed president. Jing Xiandong Alibaba joined in 2007 and became the CEO of Alipay. After finishing 2014 financial Ant Financial, he became a COO. Since June 2015, he has been President of Ant Financial.

On October 8, 2016, on the second anniversary of the Financing of Ant Financial, Jing Xiandong took the reference bar of Peng Lei Ant Financial CEO. That is, since 2016, Ant Financial has never been the president.

On November 29, 2019, Ant Financial announced the renewal of its organizational structure: President Al Huar Xiaoming (Famous name Sun Quan) became President of Ant Financial Group and was informed by chairman and CEO Jing Xiandong. Jing Xiandong and Hu Xiaoming are beautiful since the 70's. Hu Xiaoming joined Ali in 2005 and Ali joined him in 2007.

New President Hu Xiaoming is a veteran veteran of Ali's financial business. Prior to joining Ali in 2005, he worked in the banking system for many years. Before installing the old water service, Hu Xiaoming Ali loan was a pioneer in the small business and opened Ali's business business. In 2014, Hu Xiaoming became President of Alibaba Cloud at Ant Financial.

Hu Xiaoming transcripts and homework

Hu Xiaoming returned after 4 years, what can he do to bring Financing? What problems do you face?

Hu Xiaoming's four-time Alibaba Cloud, Alibaba Cloud has become the pole of the growth of Alibaba's economy. Since 2015, Alibaba Cloud's average growth rate has exceeded 100%. The cloud computing market has shown the "3A" competition for the "Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Alibaba Cloud" competition.

After four years, Mr. Jinfu became president. He returned to Hu Xiaoming when he met the soldiers and the field. For Ant Financial, the "professional" and "cloud computing" technologies are the "professionals" who understand the experience.

Jing Xiandong also said internally: "The return of Sun Quan will bring new advances in the development of the orthodox financial development and the credit system, and will foster open cooperation between financial technologies."

Since three years ago, Jing Xiandong Ant Financial, Ant Financial has established three technologies, responsibilities and globalization strategies, finalized two B funding, and advanced technology design and reserves made unprecedented investments. Jing Xiandong is inseparable from a national perspective and perspective.

In 2018, almost all technological developments focused on "full openness": the opening of block blocks and, in line with the BaaS platform, the development of underdeveloped technology in the application of small and medium-sized businesses in blocked companies; Establishments with open technological biology, restaurants and conveniences to open access and clean-up access to tier 1, 2, 4, and 4 levels in cities: cutting-edge control technology, cost control and significantly reducing the risk factors of financial institutions and SMEs; Speed ​​speed of Chinese banks in the cloud …

Hu Xiaoming, in the marketing of technology, has transferred the "ants" of this year, releasing a clear signal: Ants is launching a platform-based technology company. Alipay, with more than 900 million users today, has developed super-application technology from a super-tech interface.

At this time, when the corporate governance structure is improved, the first major problem with Hu Xiaoming will undoubtedly be listed.

Head of "daughter" and "technology"

Hu Xiaoming continued many men of the century who had a great influence on Hu Xiaoming. XXI. The Century Economy Magazine said that Hu Xiaoming's return to Jinfu seems to be a good thing and that they hope. In particular, Hu Xiaoming understands the financial system, especially the new financing is very deep. "The attitude of P2P was very strong in its long standing position. In 2013, Sun Quan (the name of the flower of Hu Xiaoming) thought the lack of support for the credit system, P2Ps are called Ponzi schemes, and P2P mode is not enough. Many thought that P2P is a software for download in 2013. It has been confirmed by the incident. "

Starting with the financial party business, 21st Century Business Herald, the first day of Hu Xiaoming ant flower business and former credit agent of Sesame Credit, Ali Ali Xiaoyu, traded bank market. At the same time, he also created small Internet loans.

The famous work of Hu Xiaoming Ali, in 2009, began his business in Ali and Ali Xiaoyu. Ali Xiaoyuk has created a large data loan model using microenterprise credit services. In this way, small and micro businesses do not need a mortgage, they do not trust people who need to find a relationship, get credit and get loans. as well as borrowed.

After Ali Siu Lian, the business volume has increased. Every year more than 300% have grown year after year, and has won a lot of community praise for retail and microcompanies. Through this project, Ali could see the chemical reaction of technology and finance, which opened Ali's financial technology exploration. In 2013, Ali Xiaomin and Alipay merged with Hu Xiaoming.

Alibaba Cloud's "education" in four years, understanding of Hu Xiaoming technology is not the same as the previous one, as well as the "technical career" of Ant Financial.

In 2014, Hu Xiaoming became President of Alibaba Cloud. Hu Xiaoming was born in a traditional bank, but he was not a technical person, but he used technology.

Under its impetus, the world's first city burgeon landed on the cloud of bouquets of Hangzhou, China's first public service government. Cloud computing began combining industrial manufacturing, agriculture, finance, medicine, retail trade, aviation and biological genes, and promoted digital China.

In that period, Alibaba Cloud did not only determine the leadership leadership of the Chinese market, but instead entered the global market with a 100% average annual growth rate. Currently, the competition model "3A" for "Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Alibaba Cloud" has been established initially. . Alibaba Cloud has promoted a large-scale computer system "Flying" exclusively at the global level and has become the pole of Alibaba's economy growth.

Earlier Jinfu insights about 21st Century Business Herald said Sun Quan's return reflects the solar technology strategy. Sun Quan's greatest hope is to keep track of the Alibaba Cloud era and help ants to increase their technological abilities. It is powerful and achieves more results in the application level.

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