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Apple released the best App Store application in 2018 yesterday, and today announced the best version of Chinese version. Adding annual game trends and adding annual App trend reports.


Apple Online Store (China)

Annual Trend: Competitive games

2018 is definitely the world of competitive games. The games of mobile sports that represent "Jesus Survival" and "Fortress Night" (national service still open) are not many players.

Trend of annual games

This type of game is varied to achieve a variety of freedoms. Take the example "Jesus Survival". You can park parachute well and bury a gun. Also, "wild" you can not choose and slowly develop. This also requires decisive decisions, but also excellent operations and a very fast response.

In addition to these competitive competition games, there are also traditional e-sports games of the 2018 famine, "Clash of Clans: Royal Wars" and "The Hearthstone", the oldest sports e-sports.

Apple Comments: People put together – this is an important part of the game. The competition game is not only a new way of reproducing, but also defines the word "player". After all, playing for everyone is a real game.

Annual Trend App: Watch Out With App

The number of steps and the record is paying attention to the health of our health by recording burns, so there is one common issue, that is, "Take care of yourself."

It is an application that contributes to the development of a more active fabulous life, was born at the Behavioral Economics Lab at Duke University. You can drink more water in your workout, call your parents, and stick to your care. "Lasaia" is a meditation application that offers more specific topics, such as forgiveness, letting you quit and negatively affect your own doubts.

Annual App Trend

In addition, there is a game called "#SelfCare", you can fill the circle, buy it for a cat or clothing. "Mendek" may break the injured soul as an opportunity to grow and heal. Joyable helps social anxiety, depression and stress through a personalized curriculum.

Apple Comments: Use the App to care for yourself, this little thing is very easy, but it makes you feel a little better for life.

Annual iPhone App: Procreate Pocket

IOS-painted app: amazing natural brushes, personalized brushes, 250 revivals, continuous self-storage, 4K film fabric, unlimited layers, 1080p painting process recording, 64-bit Silica drawing support, Airdrop cross Sharing devices and more.

Annual Card App Procreate

IPhone iPhone game: Donut County

Narration is a puzzle game. In the game, the player plays a hole in the ground. Put together all kinds of cute characters, secretly pick up garbage and throw in the hole.

Donut County game of the year

Apple Music 2018 Best Year: Selection of the Editor

Apple Music has selected a list of songs that contain dozens of music styles. Among them, the best and most popular 2018 songs have been selected. (morning light)

Apple Music List for the Year

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