Monday , October 14 2019
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Apple has canceled the company's Facebook Developer Certificate

Previously, based on Facebook's Research application, users exchanged their personal data, which caused many controversies. In the end, Apple is particularly concerned about privacy, it has pushed Facebook. Later, FB released a program of business developers (which would not be able to download test applications that could not be downloaded in the App Store) as a shield, but the iOS version of the research did not want to run away. However, the development of the plot was not considered the birth variables. Earlier, Apple acknowledged the revocation of the Facebook company's certification of developers, which violated the Enterprise Developer Program, and the distributed applications were distributed outside official FB outsourced shops.

Once the certificate was revoked, it was much damaged than what was predicted for Facebook. The key point is that many internal tools can not be used at the same time. Verge has learned about informants, such as the development versions of core Facebook applications such as Messenger and Instagram are no longer available. Although the iOS application, for example, the card and movement used within the FB has become impossible.

In fact, as in the iOS version of the Research line, Facebook argues that its software has clearly stated that its goal is attractive and that participants who want to be "less than 5%" have teenagers and have obtained permission from their parents. However, the Enterprise Developer Certificates to make you know more about Facebook have never been right. In any case, Apple and Facebook are hurt by privacy. In the short term it will be difficult to improve.

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