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Asian Cup, national soccer primary geometry? – Lanzhou day – Hanfeng network


2018-11-28 01:53:09 Source: Lanzhou Daily

They bring the Wu Lei and Feng Wei Sina Sports photos

In 2019, the Asian Cup of Football is approaching. The Chinese men's team must knock the assembly. It will be on December 1 and will enter the Asian Cup sprint. On the afternoon, the official website of the Chinese Football Federation announced its 27 new national football training session. Zheng Zhi returned and Guo's young Guo Quanbo was selected for the first time.

According to Lippi, in January 2019 the Asian Cup Chinese teams will be selected. The Chinese teams are from the same group in South Korea, Kyrgyzstan and the Philippines.

What is the role of the national football team that has not been finals of the World Cup for many years? What is the answer to this national team of Lippi? For national football teams, fans are constantly listening, they are still expecting a lot of competition.

In this Asian Cup, the Chinese team is a team. The teams are teams of the same team: Korea, Kyrgyzstan and the Philippines. The South Korean team has always been victims of the Chinese team. The belt team has been a South Korean champion who has been ranked in the 12th Cup World Cup, but it is different from the past. If you look at the performance of last-generation warm-up teams in China, do not say that pretty weak teams for Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Philippines and the Chinese team have no absolute victory.

At the beginning of the Chinese Cup, this year, the national football team played 9 games, 3 wins, 3 draws and 3 lost. The three wins were respectively Myanmar, Thailand and Syria, respectively, and Wales, the Czech Republic and Qatar lost three. These triumphs and victories are quite normal, with the gap between the two sides being strengthened. However, in recent days, the Chinese team has not acted solely with self-confidence, but has frustrated the 100 "weak journey". Compared to Bahrain and India, the Chinese team did not take advantage. 0 finished, against the Palestinians, the Chinese team scored 1-1. It's not surprising that fans make fun of: there's not a weak group for the national football team.

After a lot of hot matches, the list of national teams of the Asian Cup surfaced finally. After the match with the Lippik Palestinian team, he said: "The training players are confident, they will appear in the Asian Cup list, with Zhang Linyi and Zheng Zhi."

Specifically, Yan Junling will continue in eight consecutive posts, including the Zeng Cheng experience and technically completed Zhang Lu. In the defense line, Li Xuepeng, Feng Wei, Zhang Linyi, Liu Yuming, Shi Ke, Yu Yang are well-known; Zheng Zhi, Wu Hao, Chi Zhongguo, Jin Jingdao and Yu Hanchao Lippi have won trust; Wu Lei, Yu Lin, Yu Dabao will be responsible for the destruction of the city.

The list of players is relatively low, but it seems that the Chinese team is in form and style. Since the beginning of this year, Lippi has used 433, 4231, 343 and other training competitions. He did not see any tactical game, such as defense counterattack, bottom passage and land penetration. Formation is not repaired, technical and tactical is not clear, it is a general impression that national football left the public.

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