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Aside from everyday life, the original heart and ideals are bright


How could an ordinary young man hold on to his ideals and find faith and light from the darkness of old age? How does a “beginner” in the workplace detect cases and seek justice and truth in a criminal police team that “eats and waits for death”? The “Secret and Great” war spy drama starring actors Li Yifeng and Jin Chen has been ranked for the first time in the national network’s simultaneous television drama rankings, several days in a row since its launch on CCTV-8 television. The play achieved a high score of 8.3 in Douban, which is rarely seen in domestic dramas, the protagonist of the play being the German poet Schiller’s “People, must be leale to their young dreams,” which sparked the audience’s echo.

In general, old-fashioned dramas go hand in hand with the word “mythical,” but Wang Wei, the director of “Secret and Great,” is the setting for this drama to be “a real-time drama with a realistic style”. As viewers can see, from workplace ecology to family relationships, from the suspense of the spy war to the warmth of life, from the panoramic display of 1940s well life in Shanghai to the group portrait scheme, Gu Yaodong has built a small police force out of the ordinary. Towards a great path of growth. Leaving aside the intensive pleasure created by “Shuangju,” “Secret and Great,” allows more viewers to have a strong sense of substitution, following the perspective of a small person during a short time.

Young people continue to believe in old age and notice that it transforms from the good to the great

“We Yaodong are a very ordinary person, regardless of the industry audience. I think watching this show can find someone else in the workplace and in life.” Gu Yaodong actor “secret and excellent” Actor Li Yifeng Role evaluated in this way, he also interpreted the protagonist’s three-point “wooden” and five-point “standing” without feelings of disobedience. In the play, he is a highly accomplished student who graduated from the Faculty of Law at Soochow University. He first entered the police station with the ideal of “protecting people and helping the judiciary,” starting with the home police who checked his home record. Gu Yaodong emphasizes justice in his heart, works hard to carry out his work, catches thieves, protects women writers who suffer persecution, and actively investigates unjust, false, and wrong cases. It’s a shame to be so excited and to see you out of place among police colleagues who are used to fishing in troubled waters.

As a “native,” colleague Zhao Zhiyong often reminds Gu Yaodongi to throw some tea with good intentions for “new rules in the workplace,” keep yourself working, take leadership as a turn, avoid it, and pay no more if you do more. Gu Yaodong still decided to be “clumsy” but was fined for cleaning the bathroom, harassed by colleagues and almost suspended from work, which worried many spectators. “Maybe he’s a good cop, but he’s not the cop a police station needs.” The lines of the play reflect the state of the former social police situation, and also examine the erosion of the ideals of this negative workplace ecology. To be uneventful and lively.

But if there were no people who dared to cross the darkness, how could the dawn of a new world be brought down to earth? In turbulent times, Gu Yaodong took part in a tough game between the Communist Party’s underground intelligence network and the Kuomintang police. In a chaotic world, he has to choose between justice and injustice. Seeing the plots currently being broadcast, led and trained by the PCC’s Shanghai Underground Party, where Xia Jicheng is “head of the Second Division of Criminal Police” and Shen Qinghe is a member of the “Money-loving businessman” police station, Gu Yaodong “protects people and upholds justice.” it will only stop at the level of catching thieves and maintaining public order, but it will move towards a larger model. How does a small police force go against the flow in a big time and eventually a transformation from a small asset to a big one takes place? How can he fulfill his ideals while earning his precious love on a revolutionary journey to the future? This is also the focus of the next section.

That’s why “Secret and Great” isn’t just a spy drama. There are ideals on this battlefield without much brilliance. We Yaodong have innumerable passionate and young dreams of young people. He who is lost in darkness eventually overcomes the situation and continues in his original desires and beliefs.

  The fragmented and smooth daily life is the main line of secrets, and it gives plot to the intense war of spies

It seems like “Secret and Big” is a spy war drama, but the plot of the “life feed” that brings family, work, and love to the play is the secret theme of the work, and it also touches the hearts of many viewers. The way to follow the drama is like following Gu Yaodong through the delicate and smooth daily life; each episode creates a desire to stop people.

The bloody storm of the outside world cannot hide the warmth of Shanghai’s alley. We were kind, kind-hearted and loving parents, as well as a surprised and cheerful sister, who turned the heat into an intense spy career. On the first day when Gu Yaodong was at work, Dad took out a collection of leather shoes from under the box, and Mom put two fried eggs in the bowl. You know, the background of the drama is Shanghai, where prices went up after the end of the Resistance War against Japan. In this time of supply shortage, parental concerns are evident. After working at the police station and becoming a registered police officer, Gu Yaodong probably felt that he was already covered in dust, and deliberately hid what he was doing. However, after being “revealed” as a police recorder at home and laughed at by residents, the Gu family did not accuse Gu Yaodongi of not having committed “a major incident” and at the same time consoled him.

“Wind” and “spying” are exciting, and “operating” and “hidden” can also be exciting, but ultimately they’re a bit far removed from the lives of ordinary people. For ordinary people, it’s a permanent issue to get their kids home to a good school and work hard, but with few bonuses. They are bittersweet and bittersweet. The small details in the “Secret and the Great” section are like the rising smoke of a Shanghai alley. Although not as powerful, they really belong in the world of fireworks.

They were targeting “noobs” anywhere in the II. Even the “old fritters” of the division, when Gu Yaodong was looked down upon by people from other police substations, were all mobilized to discuss it. These little characters are also there because they may not be perfect, but they are real and lively and the atmosphere of life they create is compelling. Let’s follow Gu Yaodong the stupid police “rookie” in the life of Shanghai city in 1946 and welcome us to a new world that will be illuminated by dawn. (Reporter Jiang Fang)

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