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Astronoms cooperate with Allied "Second Land" found 39 years old or have a living condition – Aliyun Aliyun

For many years, people go to heaven to start recording, to discover the universe. Now humans have gained another issue in understanding the universe.Recently, Yale astronomers work with Ali engineers in a 39.13 star light system, and perhaps "second land".


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It should be understood that both sides are studying seven planetary stars in this star system, five of them similar to Earth, and have three liquid and liquid liquids. Scientists work with the engine of seven planet's to analyze the signs of life.

In general, scientists use classical algorithms or manual methods to analyze the data provided by the detector, data calculations that comprise many space detectors and telescopes are also a high-end computer project. This allows astronomers to start working with technology companies to analyze cutting-edge information technology and computer science in the latest sciences.

Previously, NASA scientists worked with Google engineers to find a star system with eight stars. NASA believes that the development of science technologies will help detect the extraterrestrial life outside of the solar system. The study of planetary outer solar systems is like finding an insect near a remote illumination, looking for starlight, with computational models and higher computing power.

The star system of the Yale researchers and Ali engineers was the best place to discover the original lifestyle. Previously, the astronomers are formed by two rocks of these planets and have a narrow atmosphere, like Earth and Martia.

Next, astronomy aims to launch the next generation of space probes to find out about the oxygen, methane and other life indicators of the seven planets. About seven of these planets, maybe XXI. The greatest discovery of the century was born.

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