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Blessings back! Muller opened two shots and received feelings. The last passers-by led by Bayern


Original title: Fushen's return! Muller opened two shots and received feelings. In the end, Bayern applauded the pedestrians.

In the face of the weaknesses that were recently promoted in Düsseldorf, Bayern made a goal and scored 3 goals, but scored 3 goals. In the end, he lost 3-3 to recover the league. feeling The only winners of the Nightmare League Muller scored.

Since the new season, Muller has scored two goals in addition to the league, and almost all of them have remained throughout the game. Before the campaign, they achieved 3 goals for 16 events, plus 2 support. Data fell In the national team, Muller gradually lost his position. Despite a national team match, Muller played a hundred games in his national team, but the performance, performance and role of the bench has been worse than in previous years. However, coach Loew praised Muller. "Respect and gratitude is worthwhile. It's not yet 30 years now. If a person ends up playing 100 national games at this time, it's really good. He's never been hurt, others say they need a break. Muller is here. to get the national team to everything ". Currently, Muller has 100 goals and 38 goals. . Initially, its goal is not low efficiency, but the performance of the last two years has not been very good, 17 national teams have scored 2 goals, this summer the World Cup is also unknown.

When he got 100 goals in the country, Muller returned to the club. Before playing against Düsseldorf, Muller and Lewan took part in a reward division for Klub. Bayern held two major team members to reach the national team and gave two giants. Photos and flowers. Perhaps the club's ritual led to another kind of luck that led to Muller. In front of Düsseldorf, Muller recovered the desire to get lost.

He is watching Bayern's crime and a heavy storm, even though he has scored a goal, but he has also made the cheapest defense defaults. Muller came at a decisive moment. In a few minutes, Boateng received a long pass. After a successful player, he pushed the ball into the penalty area and closed the door to the front door. In the second half, when Düsseldorf recovered a goal, Muller and Lewan's heart were in harmony. Muller went on to Lewan's footsteps, and then continued the penalty kick.

Bayern scored two goals, but Bayern was still unable to win. Despite being a wonderful Muller, it's a bit dull for the last drop of the team. However, due to the bad behavior of the group, Muller's sudden appearances have made huge gains. At least Kovace also has one hand. Once scored by Muller, the performance of Bayern will not be bad, and Muller will be able to become the leader in the recovery of South Strikes. Do not forget, Muller is a great blessing to Bayern. Before, whenever he was in play, Bayern stopped. Muller played 81 times in the Bundesliga, and Bayern played 81 matches in Bayern, winning 76 wins and 5 draws.

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