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Blueberry Review Answer "Family": There is still no great evidence of the original video. Latest News – cnBeta.COM


"The explosion of the 21st buyers' convenience store in 21 cities," "Blueberry" released an assessment today by Weibo,Responsible for the content's content of all the videos published. In addition to the published videos, the highest evidence of the original video has not been published, and the video maintains the right to monitor the development according to its development.

On the morning of January 8, blueberry evaluations released a video, evaluating it for about a month and selling urban comfort stores in 21 cities, including Beijing and Shanghai, including 10 cities, including Beijing. 6 homes. Blueberry Opinion also states that video evidence has remained and is responsible for the content.

That same afternoon, the whole family released a video statement that the supposed blueberry review found that he had a buy-in purchase purchase purchase and that the entire family protected legal and legal rights of interests.

Responding to this statement, the Blueberry Assessments responded that comfort that a well-known multinational trader did not face and confront his problems, but caused serious problems to consumers and organizations to suspect and attack him. Blueberry reviews deeply regret and reserves the right to gain more legal responsibility.

The official statement "Blueberry Review" is as follows:

1. "Blueberry Evaluation" is an independent third-party evaluation organization. Since its creation 2 years ago, it has become a reasonable and objective consumer point of view. He has published hundreds of evaluation articles and acknowledges the community and consumers alike.

2. The authenticity of the content of all videos published by "Blueberry Review". In addition to the published videos, the best evidence of the original video has not been released.

We have the right to continue releasing video evidence based on development.

3. According to Article 4 of the Food Safety Law of the People's Republic of China: "Food production and business operators guarantee food security, integrity and self-discipline, social welfare and social responsibility for the benefit of society and the public." Article 12: "Any organization or persons have the right to notify about food security violations." "Blueberry Review" has never wanted to eradicate the brand; the only goal is for the community, including the whole family, to pay more attention to food security.

"Blueberry Opinion" is also pleasing to see that regulators, authoritarian media and all sectors of society have a great deal of importance and practical measures.

4. As a well-known multinational family, the comfort of the family does not dare to confront and confront its problems. Instead, it raises suspicions and assaults against consumers and organizations that help to highlight serious problems. Blueberry Opinion deeply regrets and reserves the right to a greater legal responsibility.

January 9, 2019

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