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Original title: Textbooks selected from books forbidden in "fantasy drifting" in Taiwan.

In martial arts novels, Jin Yong was born, and the Chinese world wept. In Taiwan, Jin Yong's novels were forbidden for a long time. Later, while the ban was suspended, most of the parents were still flooded and beasts, and no children were allowed to read. Jin Yong's novels are now included in textbooks and Taiwanese textbooks. Between descent and fall, classical witnesses will travel in time and space.

What is "hidden name"?

"The Legend of Condor Heroes" is a masterpiece by Jin Yong, but in Taiwan, once touched on the island, he was called "Desert Heroes".

At the end of 1959, the highest emotional sentiment organization of the Taiwian authorities ordered the "Rainstorm Project" to be prohibited, forbidding "Common Martial Arts Explanations". Jin Yong's works are also on the list. Because the works were forbidden, Jin Yong's novels are well known on the island, and publishers have changed their faces to piracy. The works are not renamed, but the main characters of the book have to be changed.

It is said to be "Legend of the Condor Heroes" and linked to verse "only recognize the bow and shoot great eagle". That's why a "Dragon" was forbidden because it's a dialogue. "Wang Yujian saw two people fighting and he said by chance: Jiangnan Jiang is the most famous celebration of the cloud of the cloud." That is why the Taiwan authorities believe that it is referred to as "mulberry". Another way to say, Murong's "Dragons and Eight" shot a politician at that time.

In addition, he was called "Yi Tian Tu Long Ji", known as "Swordsman", "Duo Gu Jiu Jian", "Book Jian In Chou Lu" "Swordsman Scholar", "Lu Ding Ji" became "Little White Dragon "he became. ", and so on.

Selected textbooks and papers

Jin Yong's novel charm is a great deal in Taiwan's every living space, Jin Yong's works were raised in Taiwan in 1979. However, Taiwan's parents did not go to school for a long time to see "study books", including Jin Yong's novels. In recent years, Jin Yong's novel literary value has been said to be increasing. Taiwan textbooks and exams have begun to include the novels of Jin Yong.

In addition to the textbooks promoted by the Taiwan authorities, there are many Taiwanese textbooks. Among these, third-level textbooks in Taiwan, the Hanlin version was selected as the story of the book "Fengying Heroes Biography" by Huang Rongzhi; Hanlin version of the third semester of the second semester was selected as "Tianlong Ba Bu" outside Yanmengan outside Xiao Feng.

At the same time, the study of Taiwanese university studies is moving towards multidimensional materials, martial arts novels are getting their title, when they are studying the Taiwanese calendar year's test language tests, Jin Yong's "Condor Heroes Legend" "Condor Heroes" 3 times; Gu Long, Liang Yusheng's martial arts novels and Wang Duyu's "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" novel.

The Taipei Classroom Institute opens a list of new students for summer vacation, encouraging reading literary works. He also wrote novels by Jin Yong, such as "Swordsman".

Circular effect classical

Duan Xinyi, director of the Taiwan Department of Culture, Taiwanese Culture, believes that the Tang Dynasty's novels are a part of the roles of each era, which is part of the tendency of literary tendencies, and the Jin Yong martial arts novel "Wenbai". Fusion of the model, rich emotions, national justice, new forms and the literary value of the well-known work in the Chinese circle has been damaging to many ordinary people. Taiwanese textbooks were chosen to read classic literature and attract more readers of Chinese history.

The influence of Jin Yong on the Taiwanese society and its different aspects. The President of the National University of Taiwan was elected Democratic Progressive Party. "He was strong and powerful in his life and was strong in the wind. He crossed it and the moon was in the river." Long Lai Qingde also mentioned in the same book: "Self-esteem is self-esteem, I'm really angry." Jin Yongxian went to the island to select a style of Jin Yong's novels in front of politicians. The police put gold on their faces and have a good picture of the book. Netia's spicy metaphor often goes through and gets three points. The role of the novel is to see the reality of all creatures, but Jin Yong's ability is also the ability to make characters.

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